BTS: V&S’s session with Style & Image Specialist Colette Werden

By Sasha Fedorovsky

We recently had the pleasure of working and chatting with the awesome lady and image specialist Colette Werden, and can confirm that she is great at what she does – which is helping to make women look great and feel confident. In 2014, Colette Werden launched her revolutionary leading-edge The Ratio System™which significantly boosts women’s self-confidence and opens up their eyes to a whole new way of dressing. The Ratio System™ helps women dress for what they really want: to create the perception of a longer, leaner appearing silhouette. It takes the guess work out of which outfit works and which doesn’t, and is a complete contrast to the traditional body shape dressing method, which is restrictive.

Since creating her revolutionary The Ratio System™, Colette Werden also commissioned a nationwide survey with CoreData Research Australia, which revealed outstanding results highlighting women’s relationship with their self-confidence levels, style and wardrobes. All of which she shares in her workshops.

We are very excited to bring you the episode tomorrow as it will explain in great detail how to look your very best for what ever body shape and type you might be. Here are the behind the scenes pics from the day.


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For more info about Colette and to inquire about a style session check out her website:




Photography: Lavina Harte –


Styling: Stephanie Tsekouras of S.T.Styling -

Follow her on Instagram: @ststyling01



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