Maybelline Eye Studio ‘Colour Tattoo’ – Creating glossy sexy eyes

By Sasha Fedorovsky

I’m always trying to enhance my eyes to the point where I can run the risk of looking like a drag queen in real life! The best thing about the Eye Studio ‘Colour Tatoo’ range is that they make eye colour pop with out looking to heavy. Glossy sexy eyes is the way to go for maximum impact. I love gold and bronze tones for blue or green eyes, brown eyes can get away with purple and green.

I’ve always lusted over a dewy, shimmery cat eye in the magazines but always found that maintaing this look was impossible (unless keeping my eyes closed with a fan blowing gently in my face – unlikely). This is the key to Colour Tattoo it looks wet but in actual fact is set on your lids all day long…One less thing to maintain woo hoo!

See my full steps for this look hereĀ

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