Vogue vs. Lui: Classy Vs Sexy Rihanna- which do you prefer?

By Victoria Latu

RIHANNA! Well, well, well… and Vogue is definitely back on its game! (it was lagging for a while) but after the Kimye saga and now this HOT Riri spread, I am more inclined to spend my dollars purchasing the mag. Oh, Vogue Australia is not to be out done they have a beautiful cover and editorial with Naomi Campbell!! I have seen a couple of pics and will be bringing you more the moment I get my paws on some.

But I digress… Riri shows us all why she is a super star click below and see for yourselves. Here are some gorgeous pictures of her in Vogue and a French mag Lui (some might say slightly more risqué). Either way there is no denying… the girl could take a picture!




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And moving away from the Vogue side of life… Rihanna decided to show us her “stuff” ( all we have seen before, but hey not complaining she is a hot lady and I could stare at pictures of her all day!