5 Reasons For Eliminating Worry and Self-Doubt

By Miriam Castilla

Do you ever find yourself caught up in worry and self-doubt ?

We all have moments of self-doubt, times where we feel like we’ve bitten off more than we can chew, where we fear we won’t be able to finish what we started, that we’ll end up disappointed, embarrassed or humiliated. We worry about looking incompetent and wish we’d never put our hand up to being with.

Whilst this is pretty normal for most people, it happens a lot more frequently for some than others.

How can you tell? Just have a look at how successful and happy someone is. It usually correlates directly to the amount of time and energy they spend on doubt and worry.

Here are 5 reasons why you must work on eliminating doubt and worry if you want your goals, hopes and dreams to come true:




Number 1:

When you doubt yourself, you’re driving with one foot on the brake. You’re not focusing all of your energy on creating a successful outcome. Instead, you’re spending a significant amount of energy on safe-guarding yourself – just in case of an unsatisfactory outcome. You will second-guess your every move.


Number 2:

When you doubt, you’re sending a message to the universe (and your own subconscious) that you don’t REALLY expect a successful outcome. And you always get exactly what you expect, make no mistake about that. You’ll soon start attracting things that suggest your doubts may be correct and this will only cause you to have more doubt. Before you know it, you may talk yourself into giving up all together.


Number 3:

Continual doubt can easily turn into full-blown fear. Fear is an extremely powerful emotion and will completely blow out of the water any good vibes you’ve been trying to send out. You may as well drop a nuclear bomb onto that manifesting radio station of yours! Once doubt turns to fear, it’s hard work making your way back to the yellow brick road. It’s also tricky being confident, brave and creative when you’re crippled with fear.


Number 4:

When you worry, you’re busy imagining all the things which could go wrong. You keep imagining ‘what if’. So you’re now not only sending out a signal advertising what you DO want, you’re also sending out some pretty clear pictures of what you DON’T want. This makes attracting the things you desire a lot trickier. You’re scrambling the signal you’re sending out and will attract a murky mix of something in between. Pictures are just fabulous for attracting things into your life, so be sure to send out pictures only of what you DO want!


Number 5:

Doubt and worry lower your vibration. Instead of attracting people who can and want to help toward you, your energy – like a cheap supermarket perfume – will only serve to repel them. You’ll also feel drained of energy and lose motivation easily.



Doubt and worry are the opposite of excitement, positive expectation and confidence. They are the enemies of success.

So when you feel doubt and worry creep in, be sure to switch your focus away from them as quickly as you can.

A quick way to do that is to simply ask yourself this question:

“What are the reasons I SHOULD be able to succeed at this?”

I can think of quite a few…. ;)



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