A Princess Needs a Businessman & Not a Prince: Why Miranda Chose James Over Orlando

By Sasha Fedorovsky

When the news hit the press that our Aussie Miranda had scored herself a Hollywood star, she could do no wrong, there wasn’t a magazine cover without her baby doll face on it. The sweet supermodel married to the dashing Hollywood actor. It all seemed so perfect, until reality hit and a few years down the track someone cried divorce!

Now that Miranda has shocked everyone and hooked up with billionaire James Packer, her image has been slightly tarnished with accusations of being a gold digger! I must admit on hearing the ‘news’ the first thought that came to my mind was dollar signs – Kim and Kanye style dollar signs. However, after a very interesting discussion with V, I came to understand Miranda’s choice of man…


It ain’t the money

Miranda Kerr is a supermodel with no shortage of work; there is no GFC in this girl’s world. The great thing about being a celebrity supermodel is that you actually get most shit for free – yep that’s right, the last time she probably had to take out her designer wallet to flip the bill was just to see what it felt like. I think we are getting the idea that she doesn’t need the money that badly to be with a man purely for financial gain.

If financial gain is what she is seeking then she better be prepared to work. A man like James Paker and his forefathers before him are well aware of the cash register sound they make on entering a room and without doubt are protecting their assets tighter then fort Knox! Frankly the supermodels talent doesn’t extend to the acting ability necessary to keep up a relationship with a man who repulses her – no matter how much the role is paying!

On that note

People throw the label ‘gold digger’ around like anyone could do it, but being with a man you have no interest in purely for his riches would be a damn hard job. So gentlemen if anyone accuses your girlfriend of being a gold digger: know you have a woman who is driven and will commit to stand by you and put up with all your crap (as long as you keep bringing in the cash). I personally don’t think yoga loving Miranda has that kind of drive and Mr. Bloom was not that short of a dollar that he needed to be traded in for an older model.


It’s the power

Powerful men are hot. I could pretty much conclude the paragraph with that but will elaborate for those of you having trouble understanding how ‘hot’ and James Packer can go together in the same sentence. Every strong, successful woman wants her man to be ‘the man’ in the relationship, the more powerful the woman, the stronger she wants her man. Power is usually displayed in a sense of confidence and mental strength, which often equates in having power over people in social or business dealings. People with power often do have money, however people with money don’t always have power.

For a woman who is used to getting what she wants at the flutter of an eyelash, the concept of a man directing her can be very appealing. James has had his fare share of bombshell supermodels and has more then likely mastered the art of winning them over. He also has the ego to cope with being with the supermodel type, something a complex actor may have found hard to deal with. Men may think they want to date a ‘supermodel’, but when it comes to the reality of being with a physically gorgeous woman the average man will find it too much maintenance and responsibility. In this sense supermodels are left with no option but to date powerful billionaires’, who seem to be the only men with the ego to bare them for long enough. No one ever said life is fair.

Girl did a relationship 360

Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a new result. Well in Miranda’s case it’s doing the same kind of person! Possibly a lesson for all of us stuck in relationship patterns: dating the same kind of guy will get you the same result. As much as we see ourselves as unique individuals the fact is that as humans our pattern of decision-making is very consistent over time. The same type of people will behave in set ways, that is why target marketing is such successful advertising, it is the reasoning behind forecasting financial events, numerology, psychology and the list goes on. So Miranda is on the money (excuse the pun) when she decided to do a drastic 360-degree change in her choice of man.

But isn’t he fat, old and ugly?

When was the last time you dated a guy just because he was good looking (Bieber loving high school girls are excused from this rhetorical question). I’m sure you have had much better sex with someone who makes you feel good about yourself rather then someone who just simply looks good. I know I have. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder… But sometimes the beholder (being Miranda Kerr) may just be a tad bored of A grade, Hollywood beauty and feel the desire to spice up her world with something a little bit rougher. One woman’s trash is another ones treasure, particularly when it comes to oversized billionaires.


Final words

Like Miranda Kerr, us ladies are often open minded when it comes to men; their bad habits, physical appearance and the likes. However men, particularly the self-assured James Packers of this world seem to have the specifications of a partner pretty down packed. If you look closely enough you will see that James has a pattern of what it is he wants in a woman. I hope that James and Miranda’s love is true enough to prove the world wrong, but if not, the next genetically blessed future Mrs. Packer should be born right about now!

Thats all for now kids ;)

S. xox



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