And you thought you were special

By Victoria Latu

The thing about relationships or relationship issues in general is that people usually think that they are a special case and that the nuances of couple-dom apply just to them (I admit I’m super guilty of this) and this is what I mean… When you fall in love you think that you are the only couple in the world that has felt “like this” and no one could possibly have had such a deep and intimate connection before and on the flip side, when you have a big fight or worse yet break up…. You truly believe that nobody in the world could possibly have felt this shit before and nobody could possibly understand what it is that you are feeling and going through. NO. ONE!

Wrong, they have… we all have.  True story.

And to prove my point… watch this amazing video, it depicts the common stages of a relationship in 5 minutes and see if you recognize yourself (or maybe a relationship stage you might be at)

Awesome right?

Happy Valentine’s day Lovers,

V x