Are we too picky?

By Keira Wallace

Lately most of the women in my life, be it single or otherwise, have taken to phoning me up and asking me for advice where their love life is concerned.  Now, why they’ve picked me as their ‘guy go-to’, I’m not totally sure.  Maybe I’m more of a Sex and the City devotee then the regular gal but one thing I’ve discovered is that women can be near difficult to please.  I know that statement is somewhat traitorous to my gender; however, I’ve started to wonder if we’ve become too picky.

Emotion: A recurring complaint I hear is that either a guy is completely devoid of any emotion or willingness to commit  (shocking, I know) or they seem to display a level of feeling that could rival Taylor Swift.  When they don’t call / text / come over with a bottle of wine and Grey’s Anatomy – they’re bastards – however if they do call / text / come over with a bottle of wine and Grey’s Anatomy they may as well have a vagina.  Most recently, it is the latter that the women in my life seem to struggle with.  Although the dudes in question aren’t the uber needy, coming and crying, Lionel Ritchie playing type, any form of emotional co-dependence is deemed as highly unattractive.  Picky?  Maybe a little.




Career:  Now, not every woman wants a filthy rich husband with a limitless credit card, however, I could venture to guess that most women do not aspire to partnering with a guy who lists Call of Duty as an interest on his resume.  A guy’s career can be a tough one.  He might have a six-figure salary but he might never be home.  Or he may be a casual employment kind of fella – which can be great – however if you’re the higher earner, it can open the relationship up to various complications.  The point I’m trying to make is that the reasoning behind weighing up a guy’s career certainly has some validity to it. But is it picky?  No Sir.

Physique:  Ok, so call me shallow, but there is a reason why I find myself more attracted to an Adam Levine than an Elvis circa 1976.  Being fit and healthy can represent a lifestyle or a particular attitude.  Back in the day, when the cave ladies were sitting around in their adorable little cave lady outfits, they would lust after the stronger caveman as he was perceived to be a good provider.  Skip to 2014 and nothing much has changed.  He doesn’t necessarily have to be muscular or have better hair than you, but let’s face it; women initially gravitate to what they deem to be an attractive male.  However, what happens when you’re dating said male?  If he’s too good looking, a woman’s insecurities can run rampant.  Recently, I was walking down the street with a rather attractive man and it left part of me feeling like the Pillsbury doughboy.  Not to mention the fact that in this day and age, with the invention of social media, a good looking guy can be getting female attention 24/7.  If you’re stressing about whether your guy is just the right kind of attractive, you’re undeniably being picky.

I guess it could be said that women are picky when it comes to relationships.  However, what I’ve discovered is that women are willing to weigh up the pros and cons and ask a fellow female if they’re being bat shit crazy.  Last week I overheard a male speaking about how his ideal woman would be blonde haired, brown eyed, and could perform fellatio while cooking.  Picky?  Definitely.



About Keira Wallace - Working as a controller in a gentleman’s club for over five years, Keira observes many of the issues that young women face today. Currently, Keira is studying a bachelor of Journalism / Laws.