Curiosity killed the cat! Or did it give it 9 lives?

By Ani Anikiko


So often as children or even adults we are told not to ask too many questions. I guess this can or should apply to sticking your nose somewhere it is not wanted. Personally, I disagree with that sentiment and feel that curiosity keeps the mind and enery young and inquisitive. Curiosity embraces a mindset that really inspires when it comes to living life fully.

If you are anything like me and tend to over analyse, over think and drive yourself in a never ending loop,  you might find that sometimes curiosity is the key to opening the door to away out .

The beauty of curiosity is that it actually takes you out of the problem and into a solution focused space.

I am an eternal investigator into what makes people tick , what causes change that is sustainable in terms of releasing mind body symptoms and what can be done about it. In my work as a kinesiologist of over 15 years, I have found that the most effective mindset is to always be curious and though that’s a challenge at times in my personal life, I remind myself to use this approach.

When I am writing and performing music I find the best place to come from that connects most to listeners is when I have been curious, ask a lot of questions and somehow “discover” something in the content of a song. I guess there is a real special something about feeling a discovery has been made or a new truth found like a diamond that catches your eye amongst the clutter of piled up over analyzed thoughts in muddy water.

Curiosity is also a way of allowing myself to be surprised by life and what it offers. I feel like a kid reading a story book. “Let’s see what happens next”.

Getting curious also has some other benefits. It literally keeps you looking good. Why and how? Well on a body level when we are tight and stuck feeling rigid about something we deplete our magnesium to counter the effect of adrenal stress. Things getting contracted and tighter means pain and calcium deposits on muscles and joints or a general imbalance and this contributes to the ageing process. More about magnesium in another post.

In the curious case of curiosity killing the cat, well, satisfaction did bring it back and I say stay curious, get a few extra lives with the benefits and since it is the month of my Leo birthday it is nothing but appropriate to talk about cats! May all the Leo goddess enjoy a lavishing awesome month of raining surprises, adoration and presents!