Deck the halls with lots of gossip!

By Cameron Cook

It’s Harry Calling. Again. 


One Directions most popular member (for some unknown reason!) Harry Styles, is a bit of a dating machine at the moment. Not happy with just being seen with the younger Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and taking her off to party with the local gays, he has also been seen out with Daisy Lowe. Now I assume she is someone, just not to me. (Yes, cheeky but fair.) But in amongst all this dating and gay clubbing it seems Harry has caught Shane Warne disease. Yes, he is drunk texting an ex. And not just any ex. He’s drunk texting Taylor Swift! Silly boy. I guess this means there will be a song about poor old Harry still carrying the drunk flame for Taylor song on her next album. Hopefully she does the right thing by all of us and makes it a song we can bear to listen to! (And Harry, stop it!)


That Bloody Family Again! 

Yes, the Kardashian/Jenners are in the news yet again. Divorces are the flavour of the month with the family and it’s Kris and Bruce (Mum and Stepdad) who we are interested in today. It seems that Brucey is none too please that his hard old thing of a soon to be ex-wife is out cavorting with a man young enough to be her son. And he is also not pleased with the “I love sex with this young thing” tweets Kris is sending out. So it becomes revenge time. And what is the best way to exact revenge? Why that would be to write a total tell all book and pocket $16.5 million at the same time! This book should be full of dirt and probably gross Kardashian/Jenner family secrets. If the deal is done, expect to see it next year. PS. Did you see their family Christmas card. It cost $250,000. WTF?



Gold Digger! 

It started off as a friendly, we are still friends, nothing to see here divorce. But no more! Orlando Bloom is not happy to see Miranda Kerr out and about with billionaire James Packer. Why has this annoyed him so? Well, it seems that Miranda/Orlando were actually really good friends with James and his now estranged wife Erica. They even holidayed together! Orlando is now thinking there was something there and it is so very convenient that the two seperations occurred at around the same time. Oh and Orlando thinks Miranda is only concerned about money. Yup, he thinks she’s digging for gold in the plentiful Packer gold fields! What do we all think? (I say gold digger too, but her, digging for gold is good for you!)



Poor, Poor Miley! 


Yes, poor Miley. Why poor Miley? Well it seems the young starlet has been spending her hard earned way faster than she can earn more of it. She is living the high life and spending way too much. It has even gotten to the embarrassing stage for her. She tried to buy some records at a shop in LA, but was photographed as her card was declined. It was only for $170! Poor Miley! Word is that her parents, Billy Ray and Tish are going to try and get Miley to agree to a conservatorship. Yes, just like Britney, Mileys dad wants to be put in charge of her finances for her own good. Well, here’s hoping things work out for her. Just stop spending Miley! Put the cards away and walk away from that shop! 



Fight, Fight, Fight! 


Ok. So maybe fight is a bit strong, but old Ajay Rochester, former host of our Biggest Loser, has told the tale of her “incident” with Biggest Loser trainer (and husband stealer) Michelle Bridges. It seems Michelle had been accusing Ajay of being a media whore (No! Really?) and telling show secrets to the media. The pair later ran into each other at a party where Ajay was somewhat off her face (her words, not mine!) on booze and pain killers. There were words exchanged, Michelle grabbed Ajays wrist, Ajay threw her “water” in Michelles face and then Ajay sat on her. Yes, sat on her. Now that’s a classy bitch fight! I just wonder if Michelle then bench pressed Ajay?







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