DYI Brainwashing – How to Break Free From That Voice Inside Your Head

By Miriam Castilla

A while back we talked about that voice inside your head and how it can keep you all tied up.

That voice which continuously runs like a broken record is actually programming you and as a consequence it’s running your life! The voice is conditioning you to see life a certain way and has you adopting certain beliefs. It makes you see the world through a filter that matches the self-image it’s painting for you at the same time.

Once your program has been set in place and you press ‘Play’, the show keeps running on autopilot – unless you intervene. If you don’t, your life will just continue to serve up things which match that self image – good or bad.

You see, our conditioning affects our habits – how we act on a daily basis without conscious thought. And how we act directly affects what happens in our lives.

If you want to know what the voice has been saying, just look around you.

Everything you see and experience – good, bad or indifferent – is there because it matches your expectations – based on your conditioning and based on your self-image.

If you’ve convinced yourself that every man you date will eventually cheat on you, “Voila!”

If you’ve convinced yourself that people like and trust you and that you always get amazing job offers out of nowhere, “Voila!”

Pick one or two things in life you’re not that happy with, then pay attention to what the voice in your head has to say about that subject. You’ll likely find your inner dialogue and outer experience match very well.

Some people say that’s proof the voice is correct. I say it’s the exact opposite. It’s proof the voice CREATES your reality.

So what can we do to change it?

If you’ve tried listening out for the negative self-talk, you know it’s not easy. It’s pretty tiring, actually. The voice can be very sneaky, it doesn’t like being eavesdropped on.

The great news is you don’t have to keep actively listening out for it just to shut it down. Now that you’re more aware, you’ll often catch it yabbering away about “how bad/tough/unfair things always are.” If you do, by all means shut it down!

But an easier way to replace that program is to start up some positive self-talk with the aim being to overpower the negative stuff.

Changing your program, your conditioning, your self image, your habits and ultimately your experience of life takes some time and perseverance but there are a few ways to make it fun and easy.



Here are my top three tips for easily and effectively changing that tape to a happier one:

1 – GIGO.

Garbage in – garbage out. Watch what you feed your mind. If you watch lots of trashy TV, read gossip magazines, hang out with people who backstab each other (including you) and also sit down to watch two hours of depressing news every single night, it’ll be no wonder you see the world as a hostile place.

Replace negative influences with positive ones. Read empowering books and blogs, hang out with positive, happy people who are going places and listen to educational CDs.


2 – Gratitude packs a punch.

One way to quickly change your outlook on life is to get a simple notebook and write down at least ten things you’re grateful for before you go to sleep each night.

In thirty days, your life will not be the same, I promise you.


3. Give yourself a brain cleanse.

Much more fun than colonic irrigation, affirmations help you clear out your old brain-muck and replace it with the positive self-talk of your choice. Write yourself one to three really empowering, exciting affirmations, then put them into a catchy little tune so you can sing-song them to yourself over and over. You’ll be drowning out and overpowering that negative voice to break the cycle.

I’ve found this one especially useful when I’m really stressed or upset about something and have trouble stopping myself from obsessively thinking about. Putting your affirmations into a tune stops it from getting boring and also helps lift your mood.

Speaking of putting yourself in a good mood – don’t forget to smile a lot!

Moving your face muscles to produce a smile instantly changes your brain’s physiology and it starts to fire off happy chemicals that make you feel good.

Even better: SMILE AT OTHER PEOPLE and add some happiness to their day. Focusing outward and being of service to others, taking the attention off ourselves for a while increases our Oxytocin levels. It feels really good to be nice to others.

A little less self obsession would do us all some good, don’t you think?


Happy self brain-washing! Chat soon.

xx Miriam

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