Another week in Trashopolis!

By Cameron Cook

Oh Miley…..

Fresh from ever more controversial efforts to court mega publicity and in turn sell ever more CDs/downloads, Miley may have gone a step too far recently. Now I must say, I applaud the self publicity this tiny poppet has managed to generate. A bit of twerking, a bit of tongue action, some almost naked performances and even some singing has turned Miley from a Disney Princess into a fully fledged pop super star! And sales of her songs have also gone sky high. But last week in Amsterdam, at the MTV European Music Awards, Miley decided to have a smoke. A suspicious smoke. Yup. On stage on live TV she sparked up her mary jane ciggie. Marajuana! Now don’t get me wrong, the Dutch Authorities (and me!) are so not prudes! Their main concern was she was smoking in a no smoking area and this is taken very seriously in Holland! So Miley. Next time you want to shock us with your mowie wowie use, please ensure you have it baked into a brownie. Smoking is bad Miley. Bad! Not sharing is wrong too…….

Singer Miley Cyrus smokes on stage after receiving the Best Video award during the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam

It’s finally over! 

Well, it took a hell of a lot, but Selena Gomez has finally and forever parted ways with Justin Bieber. Yes, the Biebs, the man who cannot sell out an Australian concert tour, is now properly, officially single. It seems, according to our always informed sources, that the final straw was all Justins going ons in Brazil. Yes, the hordes of hookers, the graffiti, the crap songs and all the photographic evidence were all the final straws. Ok, maybe not the rubbish songs. She knew his music was dire back when they met. She originally broke up with him because of the way he treated her, not because she was over him. Now the end is due to the way he treated her, the fact she is so over him and the unattractiveness of the hookers. She has cemented the end in true star style. Selena has demanded Justin delete her number from his phone and she has unfollowed him on Twitter. Relationship status, terminated!

Selena Gomez 2013

She knocked back how much? 

Another recording star is in our sights for very different reasons to Selena and Justin. Adele, the lady who can do no wrong singing wise and seems to keep herself very nice otherwise has shocked a lot of people with one decision. She has apparently knocked back a record breaking offer from make up giant L’Oreal. How big was the offer? Do you count $21 million as big? I do! It seems it was almost a done deal until at the very end Adele simply said no thanks and walked away. I guess she didn’t want/need the money. L’Oreal has been left in shock and without a new spokesperson. I would of course like to help out. I wonder if they would take me instead of Adele? I would so work hard at being a model for $21 million! Alright, how about Victoria and Sasha?

Adele the legend

Still looking good! 

Kate Moss, British supermodel and total party legend is turning 40 in January. Happy birthday for then Kate! And to celebrate, she is going to give everyone else the presents! What presents? Well her and her assets are the presents! She will be posing in her birthday suit for Playboy. So all those who appreciate a supermodel with staples in her navel will love this birthday eyeful! Well done Kate and thanks on behalf of many for the gift. Personally, I’ll just read the articles and appreciate the art.

Kate Moss the Playboy bunny

It’s a birthday celebration!  #JOY20 

Self indulgence time. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the best radio station in the world, Joy 94.9, is turning 20 this week! Yes, Melbourne’s own Gay and Lesbian radio station, where everyone is welcome, is having a party all this week. Please tune in and enjoy the brilliant, uplifting music mix and stay for the fabulous presenters! Ok, I’m one of them too. You can catch me on Thursdays from 4-7pm. And the glamorous duo of Sasha and Victoria were news readers there in the not too distant past. So check it out and stay a while! You can get the station on 94.9fm in Melbourne or at in the rest of the world! Happy birthday Joy! Mwah!

Joy 20th birthday







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