Cam Said What About Who? Gaga in Space?! Read on…

By Cameron Cook

New Besties? Oh no! 

Well we all know that Lindsay Lohan is trouble, even when her bad influence mum, Dina isn’t around to egg her on. And unless you have been on Mars or something, then you will have noticed all the trouble young Miley Cyrus has been in. Well just imagine how much trouble there would be if they got together! Well imagine no more. The troublesome twosome with a shared Disney history, partied together in New York. Let’s not worry about Miley being underage and so not legal to drink. Not a problem for stars! The two apparently had a lovely time together and made many giggling trips to the nearest loo. I’m so glad we can totally trust those two!

Miley and Lindsay

Is she still an actress?

The latest former Mrs Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is trying to get her “career” back on track and moving again. After a few tries and flops, she has apparently set her sights on a raunchy role in the upcoming movie adaptation of Fifty Shades Of Grey. I guess playing Elena Lincoln, the bondage queen, on the big screen is one way of finally moving on from your sweet Dawsons Creek image Katie. (I really loved that show by the way!) It appears her ex, the super short scientologist, Tom Cruise, is however dead against her getting such a sexy role. Apparently he doesn’t want Suri seeing her mum like that. Now Tom. First up, butt out! She’s isn’t your wife anymore and you and your Church no longer control her. Second, I doubt she will be letting Suri see Fifty Shades of Grey anytime soon. Will you be showing it to her? And really, even when Suri is old enough to see it, she will probably choose not to. Who wants to see their mum naked and kinky? No one! So Katie, you just ignore Tom Thumb and go for it! Although let’s be honest, you don’t really have much of a chance.

Katie Holmes Sexy

One Direction or Five Divas?

The boys were right here in Melbourne for their the local part of their world tour. The kids loved it (I must admit, I love 1D but found their concert to be a bit average.) and the boys lapped up the attention. In public they come across as five of the best mates ever! But behind the scenes, we hear it isn’t all best buds and fun times. It appears after they finished in Melbourne, they were booked on a luxury jet to head to Japan. One unnamed boy (My money is on Harry here) flatly refused to travel with the rest of the boys as they were all fighting. So her chartered his own jet for $200,000 and flew on by himself! An expensive tantrum! The rest of the boys flew on as planned, but put their best diva attitudes on and refused to sign anything for the air hostesses kids. I must say, I really am disappointed in you 1 Direction. You may be pretty (especially you Liam. Call me!), but you aint nice! (And your live singing isn’t great either!)

One Direction


We talked last time about Kim and Kanyes majorly over the top engagement. Well now the first details of their even more over the top wedding have started to come out. The first surprise is that Kim has given in and is letting Kanye organise it all. Funnily enough, she wanted it small, intimate and un-televised. Can you guess why? He however is willing to sell the day to the highest bidder. So Klassy Kanye. The Groomzilla Kanye has decided to go way over the top. It seems he is desperate to not only upstage her previous wedding but every other wedding that has ever been. First up, he has apparently set aside $25 million dollars for the event. He has already booked a massive villa in Capri, Italy for the event. He is planning on having fighter jets, yes fighter jets involved somehow. Maybe a dump’n’burn? They are so romantic. He is trying to book Chanel to organise the wedding. Vera Wang has been banned from making Kims wedding dress as she made her last one. The guest list will be mega A list. (Unlike the bride and groom! Oh behave Cam!) And finally, who do you think Kanye would think would be worthy of being Kanyes best man? Well he has announced the only man good enough to be his best man is himself. So Kanyes best man will be Kanye! That should work real well!

Kim and Kanye

GaGa goes Sky High!

Let me start this by saying I love GaGa. She has talent, beauty and a skill for self promotion that is legendry. I think she was a genius. But it seems she might have used a lot of that up. Now her new music (Applause and Do What You Want) are actually really good pop songs, but not earth shattering brilliant. This was despite all the pre-launch hype and her current more and more desperate efforts to look like a weird, arty genius of some sort. Well, now she has booked herself on a Virgin Galactic flight and intends to be the first to sing a song from space. In 2015. A bit late to help this album, but oh well. Now can I say, GaGa, I think a bit less kooky and bit more stylish GaGa is the way for you to go. Then people might notice the great pop tunes you are creating. Just try it. Let the music talk for you and drop the ever more insane stunts. I still love you though GaGa!

GaGa looking nice






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