Can we talk? Can we?

By Cameron Cook


The Bachelor…

I know you all have been wondering what “The Bachelor” aka Tim Robards has been up to  lately and so have we! Apparentely he is still a Chiro and not gone back to “dancing” and still in love with Anna (must admit hot couple ALERT!) and oh he is also showing of his ok bod in the new Men’s Health Mag… Enjoy



It’s Lohan, to the Extreme!

The Lohans really are the family that keeps on giving. They just give and give even when we scream “No more!” Now we all know that lovely Lindsay Lohan is “writing” her autobiography. She’ll be charting the highs and more frequent lows of her life and career. Now we must also remember she has a perfect set of vile parents and they both try to make their living off Lindsay. So now it seems her mother, Dina is ready to start her own tell all book. She has signed the deal. One problem. Her divorce from co-awful parent Michael had a gag clause. So book deal dead? No! The ever enterprising Michael has said he will waive the gag clause and let Dina write her book if and only if he gets a book deal too. That’s right, get ready for THREE Lohan books to hit the shelves. I know. I’m over it all already too. Oh and in totally separate news, it turns out that Lindsay Lohan, despite her poverty, keeps her hair nice and shiny with a $200 a go treatment which contains bull semen. That is all.


Bieber Sinks Lower Still!

Fresh from being arrested and charged, having his plane searched, being busted yet again with drugs and just being a general angry douche, it now emerges that Justin has another drug problem. No, not the marijuana, not the Xanax and not the codeine cough syrup. (Yes, he is addicted to cough syrup!) No, it now appears that the boy is a steroid user. Our experts have studied pictures of him and it seems he is displaying all the tell-tale signs. I guess that explains how he got so big and so angry so fast! Yup, its roid rage! To help him get a bit less off track, Justin is apparently moving back in with his mum for a while. Let’s see how that goes. After all, she was the one who gave him the Xanax………

Justin Bieber Steroids

Happy News For Seal and Heidi?

Could it be true? Heidi Klum and Seals separation was a pretty nasty affair for a while there. It looked like they would never even be in the same room again. But now it looks like reconciliation may well be in the air. Sources are telling us that Seal is determined win Heidi back. Will it work? I think we are all hoping it will as they really were a great couple with great kids. Good luck to you both!


GaGa. Happy and Ready to Marry?

It’s been great to see the fabulous Lady GaGa looking so happy, relaxed and in love with her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney. We hear that GaGa and Taylor thought they were going to be parents last month, but it turned out to be a false alarm. But this seems to have made GaGa take a good look at her life. Taylor has asked her to marry him before, but she has never said yes, or no, before. Now though, things are different. She has let him know she will say yes when he is ready to ask again. Hopefully he asks soon. That will be a wedding I would do just about anything to attend! Who knows someone who can get me, Victoria and Sasha in? Anyway, good luck to GaGa and Taylor. You both deserve it!

Lady GaGa and Taylor Kinney

Shoes are Us!

Remember Sarah Jessica Parker? She was the mega star of TV hit Sex and the City. She hasn’t done too much lately, but is still very much the star. Well, to fill her time and presumably her bank account, she is launching a new line of her own design shoes! Yes, shoes. They will in part be based on the shoes she wore in the TV show with hopefully a dash of now. Good luck to her. A photo of one of her shoes is below. Am I too much of a bitch sometimes? Maybe! :-)

Sarah Jessica Parker Horse Shoes





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