If you didn’t know… now you know

By Victoria Latu

Josh Gibson and Renee Bargh.   I love… love

So it seems that hottie Josh Gibson has found himself a beautiful love story in Renee Bargh! They are such a cute couple. And being the diligent entertainment reporter that I am I have taken it upon myself to stalk their Instagram feed and bring you a collection of their combined hotness. I know… I know… I’m tres awesome. This is something that appears to be for real.. you see, they have decided they are going to make it work long distance. Renee Bargh is an Australian entertainment reporter for Extra… living in LA and well, Josh is a footballer (whose team took out the grand final last year) is based in Melbourne…


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They are just too cute!

Speaking of footballers in love…

There is no real story to this but incase you were wondering… Buddy Franklin and Jesinta Campbell are still together and both are still looking smoking. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves.


And they got a puppy! Cuuuute


OMG Zoe Foster Blake has a skincare line!!

How did I not see this coming?! She is like the Aussie beauty queen/guru of course a beauty and skincare range would be the next inevitable progression.Anyway… It hasn’t been launched yet, but its coming and it’s called GO-TO. #excited


Lara Bingle a copycat? Say whaaaaat!


Lara has been accused of stealing the designs for her cotton on swimwear range… The range, released late last year was quite the success and a say “hello to my middle finger” to her haters. But there now appears that to be a discrepancy on whose designs they are actually were. I dont know about this one… But will be watching as the story unfolds and bringing you the updates.

Yonce on his mouth like liqour…

Remember that one… where there were hot girls (models Jordan Dunn, Chanel Iman and Joans Smalls) liking Beyonce and strutting down the street “non chalant” like… what… doesn’t this happen everyday where you live? Just in case here’s a reminder

and here is the other vid of them trying to wife it up and be wholesome in the kitchen cooking . Ummm not convinced that they can cook…BUT if you are at work and need to kill some time… its a great perve session. They are smoking … and the accents! Yes, yes… you are welcome!