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By Cameron Cook

Paris Hilton Sues!

Paris Hilton is one angry girl at the moment. She has begun suing a website in Slovenia. Why you may well ask? Well it’s because they are selling clips of her old sex tape. And to make it worse, they are selling the clips at their website And to make things even worse, they aren’t giving her a cut! And let’s be honest, it’s that last bit that pissed her off! So she is suing them to get ownership of the web site, the web address and all copies of her sex tape. We do not have any confirmation that after she takes ownership of the lot (assuming she wins of course) she will be relaunching the site and be including new, previously un-leaked material. No confirmation, but we can guess! Nothing to see here folks, move along……

Paris Hilton

The Lesser Kardashian Gets A Divorce 

Big sister Kim has finalised her messy divorce, so it’s now lesser Kardashian, Khloe’s turn! Sick of hubby Lamar’s cheating, sick of his druggy videos turning up, sick of his friends and just generally sick of him, it’s time for a D.I.V.O.R.C.E! Of course, being a Kardashian break up, it isn’t going smoothly. Word is out that Lamar is demanding Khloe return the $875,000 engagement ring and fork over $10,000,000 in hush money. Oh and being a Kardashian break up, of course there are sex tapes involved! (It seems to be a theme today…) Yes, the hush money has to be paid or he will release their private, intimate, kinky sex tapes! Oh Lamar, you are just so Klassy! There is a lesson in this for all of us. Don’t let your boyfriends/husbands make videos of you doing the do! And if you do, then YOU keep the footage and just let him watch it when you are a bit tired and can’t be bothered actually doing the do again. Yes, I am here with all the best relationship advice. You’re welcome.

Khloe and Lamar

Oh No You Didn’t Jay Z!  

Oh no. Is there trouble in super power couple paradise? It seems that Jay Z and Beyoncé may be having troubles. And here we find it’s all Jay Zs fault. It seems he may have wandered out and done the deed with someone other than his wife while he was touring Belgium! UK newspaper, The Mirror, had an interview with a former Miss Belgium, Claudia Scheelen, who claimed to have had intimate relations with Jay Z in October. And yes, there were witnesses who saw them leaving a club together. The big question here is why Jay Z, why? You have one of the worlds most beautiful and talented women as your wife and you feel the need to stray? Fool! And it’s not the first time. There are those rumours of him and Gwyneth Paltrow too. Ewwww! We hear that Beyoncé and Jay Z are having a bit of a trial separation and will see how things go. Make him work for you Beyoncé! Make him work hard!

Beyonce and Jay Z

Bad Miley, Sad Miley, Christmas Miley! 

It hasn’t been a great few weeks for Miley Cyrus. Yes, she is still selling truckloads of songs but her private life is a bit of a mess. Just before her recent 21st birthday, her house was burgled. They stole all the usual stuff, but also her engagement ring. Yes, even after the whole Liam Hemsworth breakup thing, she still loved that engagement ring. And they stole it. Bastards! But she was also worried that they stole some other things, some secret exposing things. Yes, she’s not sure yet (It’s a big house you know with heaps of hidey holes to check!), but she is worried they stole some of her drug paraphernalia and maybe even some videos. Some sexy videos. Best you keep those things locked in a safe from now on Miley! Due to the break in, Miley had to move her 21st bash from her house to a swanky LA club. Amongst all the usual 21st shenanigans and tongue poking, there was trouble. Man trouble. Married older man trouble. Married older mans wife trouble. Yes, Miley is “seeing” an older married man. Yes, surprisingly, his wife found out. She then called Miley and had it out. Home wrecker Miley cried. She is now apparently taking a break from men, especially older, married ones. Good idea Miley! 

And to remind us all of good time Miley right through the festive season, let’s get crafty with V and S, Cam and Miley! Now you should all print off our Miley pictured below, carefully cut her out and then pop her on a bauble on your Christmas tree! Miley fun for everyone! Yes, I (Cam that is!) and my hubby Chris have Miley on our tree and so should you!

All I want For Christmas Is A Miley









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