It’s the single life for our Kylie

By Cameron Cook

Sad news for the fabulous goddess, Ms Kyle Minogue (OBE). She is single again. Her people officially confirmed her singleness and the related split from boyfriend of five years, Spanish model Andres Valencoso. (Seen above in happier times.) Don’t let it get you down girl!

Now I think it’s time to give Kylie and indeed her sister Dannii, some relationship advice. I’m putting on my best advice doctor voice and look to say this to the Minogue girls: No more dating models! It never ends well for either of the Ms Minogues. Look no further than both of their most recent relationships.

To help the girls settle down into successful happiness, I think the pair need to start dating normal folk. No more models/celebrities/wannabes. It’s worked a treat for their happily married brother. To help them out, please send your very normal man dating resume to their Twitter accounts. And yes, you gays can send in your “Can I be your new gay BFF to help you through this painful period” resume to the same addresses.

Kylie applications – @kylieminogue

Danni applications – @DanniiMinogue

Lets all help out a Minogue or two!

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