Keeping you on top of it…

By Victoria Latu

Hamish and Andy do Pilates ( Hamish wins Pilates… apparently)

My love for instagram always brings forth some interesting discoveries. Today’s discovery… Hamish looking exceptionally hideous in a leopard print leotard… and Andy is still cute… and super bad at Pilates…  These pics made me laugh so I’m sharing…



Rihanna and Drake… Is it me or are they just perfect together?!!


Ok so Rhianna and Drake are definitely “getting it in” … there have been rumors about them dating swirling around for about a good year now. They did date about three years ago but Rihanna was still in love with the other douche – you know Chriss Brown.  So couldn’t give Drake her full attention. Ah timing. But it looks like this time around, she is ready to give up her “time” I hope Riri and Drake admit to it officially. But unofficially they are definately having some fun! Here is the video of them showing off their chemistry on the European leg of Drakes tour! Hot and cute I think…

Miranda Kerr to release a single


Miranda Kerr is releasing a single… it pains me to write about this ( I will keep this brief for it my duty afterall) so there, I am letting you know that she is releasing a single ehhh…Well in her defense … Paris Hilton did it, so why can’t she. Lord help us all…

 Grant Hackett heads to rehab


(pictured: the troubled olympian looking completely lost at the crown hotel)

We all saw this coming. Grant Hackett is in transit to the US to undergo rehab for an addiction to Stilnox the sleep aid.  AS the saying goes “there is no smoke without fire”…  Remember the smashing the piano incident after the races a couple of years ago?  Uh huh honey…

This latest stint to rehab might have been prompted by the fact that he lost one of his kids at the hotel they were staying at in the early hours of the morning.


Molly Meldrum to get a TV series…


The series essentially about the Packers “Paper Giants” was exceptionally well made and the most recent and very successful one on INXS (lets be honest mainly about Michael Hutchense) Following this trend in Australian TV production… it is only fitting that Molly Meldrum will eventually get one. You heard it here first…  I’m letting you know that there is one in the works.

PS, I am actually taking bets that the next person with a tele series in Australia… IS .. Bert Newton! Any takers?