Let’s All Celebrate Australia Day! Let’s Talk!

By Cameron Cook

Congratulations! Sort Of….. 

Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are officially an item! (We kinda like it) Well, this should be very interesting… as always we are on the front lines of pop culture news and will be reporting the juicy details.

Ok. First up, let us all congratulate Bobbi Kristina Brown on her recent marriage to Nick Gordon. To refresh your memory, Bobbi Kristina is the daughter of the late, great Whitney Houston and the loathsome Bobby Brown. All good(ish) so far. There is one slightly weird thing about this wedding though. The problem, which isn’t a legal problem, just a bit of an ewwww one, is that Bobbi Kristina and Nick were actually raised together after Nick was taken in by the Houston/Browns when he was 12. Yes, Bobbi Kristina has married the man she had seen as her “brother” for 10 years! Does this mean they can join the slightly disturbing marriage club that was started by Wood Allen and his “daughter” Soon-Yi?



Good News Girls!

Very good news! The ever cute, slightly bad, Zac Effron, has confirmed he is all up for sex on the first date. Yup, straight to the good stuff, if that’s what you want of course. He just wants girls to be honest about it. So if you want a bit of the Zacmeister, you just have to be honest about your needs and wants and go for it! Of course, if he ever thinks it might be cool to try the other side, I’ll be totally honest and say I would be willing to help out.  :-)


Yawn. More Sex Tapes.

Don’t worry, it’s not another Kardashian one. (Yet.) This one is from the husband of musical royalty! Beyonces husband Jay Z to be exact! Ok. Now it’s not him having sex in the video. (Phew!) He is on a couch with rapper Luther Campbell as two ladies have fun of a sexual nature together next to the boys. The boys are just looking and laughing. And the video is apparently from the late 90’s. But these redeeming features have not saved Jay Z from the rage of the Beyonce! She is most unhappy the video has emerged. She is so grossed out by it that she is making Jay Z sleep in one of their many spare beds till she can forgive and forget. So has anyone seen the video, or maybe starred in it? Let us know! (This picture is from the sex tape, but we’ve G rated it for you all!)

Jay Z Sex Tape Nice Pic

 Britney Spears might have gotten married y’all!

Britney Spears has taken up a residency in Vegas (you know the career move that you have to do just before you completely call a curtain call on your stardom) and she has recently been spotted out witha wedding ring and has made no attempts to cull the rumors! Dont worry we’ll keep you posted.




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