Love Strikes Again!

By Cameron Cook

Robin Thicke appears to be “blurring” something… he was spotted getting very close to a lady in a Paris nightclub, that was not Paula Patton… his wife. Hey, maybe he is just being friendly ;)




Has Dannii Found Love Again?

The ever fabulous Dannii Minogue has been a busy single mum since her 2012 split from partner/Myer model/total, utter hottie Kris Smith. It seemed as though she was way too busy for men and dating. Too busy! But it seems that she has made the time and is now dating songwriter/producer, Adrian Newman. Adrian, 41, has worked with the likes of the Veronicas and Ricki-Lee. (Love her too!) Could it be love for the lady who had said she “isn’t approached by men very often.” Let’s all hope it works out for her and maybe that they work together on some fab new music too! I wonder is baby Ethan likes him?

Dannii and Adrian

Lara and Sam Sittin’ In a Tree…….

The surprise relationship of last year, Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle is still going strong! Ignoring those who predicted gloom, the happy couple have been jetting around the world together. Lara, who I think is currently between jobs, has been Sams travelling companion as he attends work commitments in Europe and the US. Yes, I know. It does sound like a hard life! There are extra rumours running around that the loved up couple have dived right into the deep end and had a secret wedding. Could it be? Well, if you were there, can you drop us a line and send us some wedding pics too. We would be ever so grateful!


Husband Recycling

Multi married “actress” Pamela Anderson has gone and done it again. No, she hasn’t had another boob job or got another barbed wire tattoo. No, she has married for the fourth time! She has married her former husband (they were married for ten weeks in 2007), professional poker player and film producer, Rick Salomon. Now I’m not sure here, but does marrying the same man twice mean she has only been married three times now? Hmmm. Her fabulous quote after doing the deed again was “It’s recycling! No, I’m very happy.” Ain’t love grand!

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon

Lots of Pictures Maybe?

Time to embrace and celebrate your inner teenage girl and/or gay self. One Direction! OMG! They exploded onto the music scene after finishing third in UK X-Factor in 2010. Since then they have sold millions of albums, concert tickets and look-a-like dolls and amassed a fortune of over $100 million dollars between them. But is it too soon for a biography? Apparently not, according to publishers HarperCollins who have an autobiography of the boys ready to roll in September. I guess it will go into a lot of detail about everything and probably contain lots and lots of pictures. In addition, for those who can’t be bothered reading about them, there will be a picture book ready for Christmas 2014. I think I’ll just get the picture book and continue my dream of marrying Liam. You guys can fight over the rest of them.

Liam 1D shirtless




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