Merry Christmas! Now Please Enjoy Your Gossipy Presents!

By Cameron Cook


Lara and Sam still together

You can now all breath a collective sigh of relief… we are happy to report that Sam and Lara are still very much together and still galavanting the world and this is CLEARLY evident in the Instagram pic that Lara posted up and tagged Sam in. Just in case you were wondering. Ahh young love…

Katie Holmes Is Doing Well! 

Katie Holmes, you know, Tom Cruises last ex, has a job! Yes, she is filming a new film, The Giver, in Cape Town. Yes, it is kind of a Christmas miracle. In addition to the gift of work, it seems Santa has been kind to her in the man department too. After her last one, Tom, was such a dud, it’s good to see she has moved up and possibly nabbed herself none other than Alexander Skarsgard. It seems they connected very well, had great chemistry and Katie is smitten! Now Alexander has a bit of a “lady killer” reputation, but we hope he is nice to  Katie. I think she deserves a nice man. A tall, nice man. Go Katie, go!

Alexander Skarsgard

Overshare of the year award goes to…… 

Well it goes to none other than the delightful Britney Spears! She has been good enough to share the intimate details of her libido and her great love of pregnancy sex. No surprise then that she wants to get pregnant again! Perhaps the wished for new baby girl can plug the hole left by her plunging album sales? Oh well, she’s still got her Vegas gig. And are they Vegas wedding bells we can hear in the background? Could well be! Hopefully it lasts longer than her last annulled Vegas marriage.

Britney Spears and a smurf

My husband is no cheater! 

They are the words of very recently married and pregnant Kelly Clarkson. It seems a woman has popped up who claims to have been having an affair with Kelly’s husband, Brandon, for the last five months. Kelly isn’t taking this lying down. She has fired a reply. “This woman has posted this fictitious rumour about my husband. (She) use(d) to be my personal assistant until I terminated her for trying to steal from me!” It seems Kelly and Nigella may well have a few things in common. Well, let’s hope it’s all a lie. Kelly deserves the best!

Kelly Clarkson Christmas

Happy birthday! 

It would be remiss of us here at V and S not to wish Mr Brad Pitt a very happy 50TH birthday! Yes, the man who has melted many a heart with a cute smile is 50. And while he has looked a bit like a hobo at times, he is still looking pretty good at 50. I hope I look that good then! Happy birthday and keep up the good work Brad! (Ok, not a new shot, but a good shot!)

Brad Pitt hottie

Put it away! 

Miley Cyrus has reportedly insured her tongue for $1,000,000. No more needs to be said.

Miley Cyrus tongue

A Very Merry Christmas! 

Can I just say to you all a very big thank you for reading away and may you all have a very Merry Christmas! Be safe, don’t drink and drive and remember that all diets are null and void on Christmas Day! If anyone queries you, just say Cam said it was fine! Now enjoy! (Yes, this is a picture of my partner Chris and my tree. I know, you love it!)

Miley on a tree










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