Oh Biebs, wipe your face!

By Cameron Cook

Justin Bieber and his peeps are getting ready for the release of his “highly anticipated” new movie, Believe. It’s the “highly anticipated” follow up to the total brilliance that was his last film, Never Say Never.

But poor Biebs. He wants us to be talking about the new movie, but all anyone can talk (laugh) about is his face in the promo video. More specifically, the “moustache” he is sporting in the clip. Now this aint no Movember Mo. It’s more of an upper lip stain. Kind of a barely there kids pretend mo. The kind of thing you might need glasses to almost see. Get the picture? It’s more a point of shame than the big new expression of manhood he seems to think it is. Check it out below.

Oh well. Poor Justin. Now off you go. Put a shirt on (no really, please put a shirt on!) and get your mum to wipe that stain off your face. Then you can learn some manners and get some decent song writers.

Ahh. I feel better after that. End rant. At least till the next one.

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