Guess who has come out of the closet & who is popping out a bub?!

By Cameron Cook

 Poor, poor Katy Perry. It looks like her boyfriend, serial cad John Mayer, is getting re-acquainted with one of his many exes, Minka Kelly. (Don’t worry if you don’t know who she is as she isn’t really anyone.) Ok, so the re-acquainting is via text messages so far, but that’s more than enough as we all know old Johnny boy has a history of being a bad boy. We hear Katy is mighty worried by all this as she thinks there may still be something there between those two. Time for Cam to put on his couples counseling hat now. And today I am advising Katy Perry to leave the cad and lady cad to their texting fun and go! Run for the hills girlfriend! You can do better! He isn’t worthy of you. And yes, it’s all his fault! Now have I made myself clear? Yes? Good. And one last thing Katy. Your song Roar is brilliant!



Separate Lives? 

Can appearances in the press be deceiving? I say yes! Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon, while putting on the good public face, may be heading in different directions. Sources say they are living very separate lives and have been for some time now. In fact they haven’t been spotted together for over three months now! And yes, this is very unusual for the normally mega publicity hungry couple. Maybe a bit of separate time will help Mariah get some good music out there? Yes, I know. I’m cheeky.




Ok. Now you all know I have a bit of a thing for Kelly Clarkson. The girl is so very talented and has such great songs. Remember that we told you all that she got married last month? Well we did. Now she has announced that she is pregnant! Now I’m no mathematician, but assuming she is now over three months gone, I think she was pregnant before getting married! Oh the horror! Now as a good Southern girl, I wonder if there were any shotguns involved in her quick marriage while preggers? Oh well, shotgun or not, let’s all say a big congratulations to Kelly and Brandon! May the kid be happy and healthy! Remember to come visit us here at The V&S Show and at Joy 94.9 when you next visit Melbourne!



Hot and Officially Out! 

Now it may not have been a secret and we all probably guessed, but Bob Harper, the totes hot male trainer on the US Biggest Loser (he was on our first series too) has come out of the closet. Yes, Bob has officially revealed he is gay. He did it on the US Biggest Loser while having one of the D and M talks (that the trainers/cameras love) with one of his contestants, who was having troubles with his sexuality. So welcome (officially) to the team Bob! Funnily enough, that makes it a gay clean sweep of the US Biggest Losers original trainers. Bob now and Gillian came out a while back. Now don’t worry girls. We know for a fact that local trainers Shannon and The Commando are straight. Taken, but straight. (Although The Commando is a bit/lot of a cad and so should be available again soon.) Anyway, to celebrate Bob coming out and his general hotness, please all enjoy this picture. I know I will! Yes, you’re welcome.








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