Show me the pot and money!! Wait.. say what?! Entertaintment buzz

By Cameron Cook

Let’s open this smoking rumour box together shall we. If the rumours are to be believed, (and I think they should be!) Rihanna isn’t a very nice boss. It seems that one of her poor staff was made to sleep on the corridor floor of their hotel in Amsterdam. Why? No room at the inn? Nope. It seems she failed to score Rihanna any dope after a show. That is a sleeping on the floor offence in Rihanna land it seems! Bad Boss
J Lo winks 2013

Jennifer Lopez, forever to be known merely as J Lo, has decided to move back to her old American Idol stomping ground. Falling ratings have led to a judging panel shake up. It looks like the cray cray Mariah and cray crayer Niki Minaj are out and J Lo is back in! She better be great and the ratings better be stellar as her pay packet is now a stupendous $16.8 million! Keeping toy boy Casper in the style he is now so accustomed to must be expensive!


Christina Aguilera. Remember her? Well she popped into a West Hollywood gay bar recently, blew kisses to the crowd (as they probably wondered who she was)  and then announced she was shouting all her new “boyfriends” a drink! The boys now all loved her (whoever she was) and the bar tab came to $500. Christina was “flabbergasted” when the bar staff asked her to pay up! Her next line, so full of delusion, was “Really? You want me to pay for all these drinks? I thought I’d be comped!” Oh Christina, not even at your height of fame would you have been comped for that one! I really hope she paid up! And yes, I will now admit that just like you, I know who Christina is. And that would be even more reason not to give her free drinks! And yes, I think the airbrush went wild on this picture.  ;-)

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