By Cameron Cook

It’s finally official. The on again, off again, on again, off again, maybe on again, I forget where we are up to again relationship of twerker Miley Cyrus and hottie actor Liam Hemsworth is now officially over. It was officially confirmed by their representatives today, but we all knew it was over when Miley unfollowed Liam on Twitter on the weekend. An unfollow in celebrity land means you are officially dumped and I want the world to know at the same time as you! Oh well. This leaves Miley with plenty of twerking and hammer licking time. It also leaves Liam time to pick me up at the airport when I arrive to comfort him. Hey, a boy can dream can’t he!

Madonna and her Grills Jaws from James Bond

Oh Madonna. While still dressing like a mature aged skank, Madonna has decided another trend of dubious taste is for her. Which one you ask? Why its Grills! No, that’s not a BBQ or anything to do with Bears Grylls. Grills are those metal inserts that go over your teeth which were made “popular” by rappers. Can I say they look awful? (See scary picture.) Well I think I just did. What’s wrong with teeth being just teeth? And now Madonna dear, you just look like a very skinny, under dressed, female version of Jaws from the old James Bond movies (See picture that resembles Madonna, but isn’t her). Madge dear, please stop. Please. Please!

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