Time for Cams Corner!

By Cameron Cook

Yes, there is more Kardashian news!

First up, everyone’s favourite, mega (US) bogan couple, Kim and Kanye are at it again. They are currently doing a mega (yes, tasteless) renovation on their $11 million Bel Air mansion. However, they now feel the unfinished house, which they bought in January, may be a bit small and a bit lacking in privacy. Yes, you heard correctly, privacy! So they are looking to lash out and buy some hilltop land in Bel Air. This time the land alone is $10 million. I think we can all assume the tasteless, paparazzi resistant mansion they will build on the hill top will probably double that. Ahhh, to be rich and lacking in taste!

But that’s so not all from them this week. They are also, quietly, fighting over the pre nup. Yes, the all important pre nup, just in case they divorce. Or should that be for when? Apparently Kanye is insisting on a “classy clause” for Kim. So no nudity and no Playboy spreads! Prior to getting married, Kanye wants it settled that he makes the calls on North’s (the baby) health and education. He is also banning the baby from any of the family’s shows. (Guess who hates that clause?) Kim is far more dollar driven with her main wants. First up, she wants (or is that mummy dearest wants?) $5 million for each year of marriage and a $20 million bonus at 5 years.  I think Kanye is safe on that one! She also wants a cheating clause. That gives Kim $5 million if Kanye strays. And of course, Kim wants all personal property they accumulate during whatever time they are married.  Who said romance is dead?

Lucky last Kardashian/Jenner news.  Young Kendall Jenner, who recently turned 18, is the latest child to be turned into money by “Mumager” Kris Jenner. Apparently desperate to plump up the family finances, Kris is prepared to get her daughter to do whatever is needed to earn the big dollars. Kendall would like to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Sources say her power hungry mum has other ideas. Adult entertainment company Vivid has reportedly offered $1.8 million to have Kendall do porn. Normally you would expect a loving mother to say Hell No to such an offer. But as it is believed to Kris was the one who released Kim’s sex tape, don’t be surprised if mum is saying “Do the porn.” Such a delightful family.

I think that might be enough Kardashian news for a while. It makes me feel too dirty.

Kendall Jenner

Single yet again.

Ok, so it wasn’t really a relationship. They barely made it to the two week anniversary. But now poor old (looking) Lindsay Lohan has been dumped. Her “boyfriend”, 18 year old, dreadlocked model Morgan O’Connor, has dumped her by SMS. He reportedly wrote “I can’t see you anymore and honestly quite angry I ever had anything with you.” Now that’s a harsh SMS!

Morgan OConnor

Poor Gerri!

Gerri Halliwell, the former Spice Girl and judge on Australia’s Got Talent, has revealed she was gutted by the poor sales of her come back single, Half Of Me. It only managed to sell a paltry 393 copies and peaked on iTunes at number 94.  Poor Gerri. The rubbish sales led her to perform a sultry version of Wannabe on the Grand Final of Australia’s Got Talent instead of the new single. Can we be honest here and say, good choice Gerri. Now I have to say, her song, Half Of Me, was complete crap. I can honestly say it was one of the worst songs I have ever heard and my husband is a Music Director who plays me some god awful rubbish from around the world. I cannot understand how Gerri thought it was actually good and would sell. Now Gerri, you listen to Uncle Cam. You need to go right back to the drawing board. Just remember that your biggest solo hit was a cover of It’s Raining Men. Maybe try some covers again for a while. Maybe just try to appeal to the gays. They (we) love you despite that awful song. Oh and get me to listen to any songs before they are released. I don’t think you should be making calls on good music ever again. But of course, I still think you are fabulous Gerri. Fabulous! Call me. We’ll do lunch.

Gerri Halliwell Half Of Me Shot

This could go either way……

Boy George is reuniting the original Culture Club line up to record a brand new album! All the original members will be involved. Hopefully they have all gotten past the bad relationships and hatreds that broke them up before! Boy George has said it was be all new material. “There’s no point doing it for nostalgia” he said.  Well I think we all have our fingers crossed that this will be a great album.  There is no date for the release yet. Now go and listen to Karma Chameleon and remember how great they were and hope for brilliance to still be there!

Culture Club




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