Europeans VS Aussie Blokes

By Sasha Fedorovsky

When a girl goes traveling to Europe, she tells everyone (including herself) that she is going for the culture, beautiful landscapes, maybe even the fashion and the nightlife…But lets be honest ladies the top two priorities are indulging in the European food and men. Which, I personally think are both valid reasons to fork out $2,000 on a plane ticket!

The food explains itself – welcome to a world where carbs are not the enemy, it may take some time for you to enjoy a daily croissant, pasta or freshly baked bread, completely guilt free – but when you get there it will be amazing! Resistance is futile; so surrender your diets at Australian customs along with all the other crap that didn’t fit in the little plastic bag.


Now the men. Even if you have never traveled to Europe yourself, I’m sure you have channel surfed one night and watched a subtitled movie that left you feeling confused, aroused and realizing that something called romance existed in the world. That is generally how European men make me feel.

Even though Australians come from all different backgrounds, we have definitely developed our own special culture particularly when it comes to dating, relationships, and the roles of men and what women expect of them.

These are the 3 main differences I noticed on arriving home from my European holiday that I think our Aussie blokes could learn from…


1. Dating online is getting way to popular in Australia

It’s pretty common to meet someone online or to be on a dating website, I know of many people who have met their partner this way (or a whole bunch of weirdoes but that’s for another post). There can be positives to online dating but I think Australians are starting to take it too far especially with the introduction of ‘Tinder’, making it too easy to pickup online! You may be thinking how is this a bad thing? Don’t you want to meet men? Yes I do, but I would prefer one to make the effort to approach me in the real world, as apposed to clicking on my picture online along with about 800 other girls and seeing which one bites back!

Think about it, the more we date online the less we meet in real life. In Europe this is not the case, a man can approach you anywhere – in a cafe, at the park or just shopping for groceries. It’s much more flattering to be asked while in your leggings, rather then via your Instagram “filtered” profile picture.


2. It’s ok to be romantic when you first meet a girl – don’t hold out until the 5-year anniversary

It’s not a weakness to be romantic; on the contrary it shows that a man is capable of being a man and making his partner or prospect (of sorts) feel special. Romantic gestures create more excitement in the relationship. There is not a woman out there who does not want to feel special and that won’t secretly love something romantic no matter how corny it may seem. In Ukraine it is the norm to bring a girl flowers… If some of the hardest coldest men of Europe can be romantic so can you surfer dude!



3. The THRILL of the chase not the FEAR of rejection

Aussies definitely fear rejection more then they love the thrill of the chase when it comes to the ladies. To the point where the ladies have become aggressive in their approach and have created a role reversal in recent years. There is nothing wrong with a girl going for what she wants, but there is something wrong with a guy who is dressed to impress with a body that is consistently in the gym – yet is still shit scared to talk to a girl!

For some reason the men of Italy never feel rejected or any less of a man when a woman ignores their compliments or denies their invitations, its almost expected and part of the excitement. Look I’m not saying don’t take no for an answer, I’m just saying stop being a pussy behind your online profile pic (refer to point part 1) and approach a girl in real life! I think I made my point.


As much as I have given it to the Aussie boys, I must say they do have some positives over the Europeans, well one major thing… They work out! Yes Australia is a very health conscious country and our boys do have some of the HOTTEST bodies going around!


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