the best way to follow all your favourite blogs

By Sasha Fedorovsky

It’s a jungle out there!

I’m referring to the cyber world – I mean going outdoors is so 90′s  :P

I’ve finally found a way to collect all my favourite blogs I stumble on over long lost hours online…which means that I don’t spend more long lost hours trying to find them! I wanted to share my discovery and hopefully help others like me from FOMO and hours on Google you aint’ ever getting back!

Introducing Bloglovin:

Add the blogs you want to follow and you’ll get all of their new posts in a feed on Bloglovin! And yes, you can add any blog.

Discover what’s popular in fashion, beauty, interior design, food & more.

Find new interesting blogs or simply stay up to date with what’s hot right now.

Click the link below to check it out… 

Enjoy :)


S. xo

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