Mindful Eating

By Fit Girl Secrets

Have you ever paid attention to how you’re eating your food? Do you grab food and scoff it down in between running around or do you sit down to a meal starving, eating a huge amount so quickly and later feel sick from over eating? Our lives have created eating habits that are leading to over eating and health issues. We have stopped savouring the taste and experience of food.

Mindful eating is the concept of taking time with your food. Noticing and enjoying the flavour, texture, colour and smell of your food. Enjoying every bite and taking time to actually chew your food, putting your fork down between mouthfuls. When you eat mindfully you will also pay attention to your body, when you feel full you will less likely over eat. You will also start enjoying the different tastes and texture’s of healthier and whole foods.

Cheerful blonde woman holding a bowl of vegetable salad and she is eating it.

Having this type of awareness can be a challenge for some. It is definitely hard for me to slow down sometimes but I have noticed that since I started eating clean and removing the junk from my diet I have naturally become more mindful at dinner time. I really enjoy food in a way  that I didn’t before. I was never a “foodie” and I didn’t get excited by a main meal, the only thing that excited me was snacking which was normally junk food. Now I really love my food and am trying foods I would refuse to eat before.

Being mindful to your area of weakness when it comes to food is also a way to slowly make changes to your diet. Usually making changes to one area is enough to begin seeing results.

For instance you may eat well all day and then consume too many cookies at night. My Dad lost 5 kilos when he stopped eating cookies in bed watching tv. He made no other diet change, he was just aware this was one habit he needed to break. Maybe you are eating too large a portion at dinner or drinking a soda a day.

Take a look at your diet and be mindful of what area you struggle with and make a small change to replace this habit. If it’s portion size, start serving on a smaller plate. If it’s cookies in bed then swap to natural popcorn or brush your teeth so you aren’t tempted to eat after dinner.

Also listen to your body! Your body will tell you when you’re full or if something isn’t right for you if you just slowed down and listened!

Bring awareness back to enjoying the experience of great food (not junk food) and you will have a much better relationship with your food and your body.

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