The Real Fit Girl Secrets – Don’t bother exercising or dieting without doing this first!

By Fit Girl Secrets

As a Personal Trainer I have a lot of women come to me desperate to lose weight. They have counted calories or tried every diet with a trendy name yet they don’t see results or they can’t budge that last 5 kilos. They are willing to try anything to get to their ideal weight but they have failed to address the real shizzle behind the weight gain.

What I know for sure is that it’s rarely about the weight. This is the reason why it’s near impossible to budge the weight for good. There is no amount of hill sprints or clean eating that will budge it when it’s not really about the weight.

Before you even think about going hard with the exercise and diet plan I want you to grab a journal and start exploring these questions:

What’s your story?

What is the repetitive story that you tell yourself. Is it that you are not good enough? Feel rejected or think you will always be the chubby one? Usually we create a story from one or two events when we are a child and we run with it throughout our adult lives. What you have to realise is that this is just a fairy tale and until you rewrite your story you will continue to attract things into your life that match this negative story.

your past is just a story

What’s the pay off?

Is there something that is keeping you in this story that benefits you in some way? Many women hold onto negative situations because it becomes their friend, they find comfort or protection in their story, so you need to dig deep to see if there is any way that you are struggling to let it go because of the pay off.

Acknowledge what you feel

Let your emotions come out to play and don’t push them down with food.  Do you feel hungry or do you feel bored, lonely or sad?  There is a great line from Marianne Williamson’s, A Course in Weight Loss which states “your craving for food is an emotional temper tantrum saying I will be heard”!  When you feel emotional you need to come up with a new strategy for coping.  Talk to a friend, write it down, learn deep breathing techniques, meditate or exercise. Find a way to actually move through the emotion rather than stuff it down.

What’s your intention?

Your intention for losing weight needs to be greater than your desire for junk food. Create an intention that has a deeper meaning to you than just looking hot in a bikini.  Once you have written down your intention, stick it everywhere, set it as a phone reminder, stick in on the fridge, on your desk or vision board.

Set Goals

Write down your specific goals, not just for your body but in other areas of your life. Be as specific as you can and set a time frame to achieve these goals. Make small action points that you can begin to work on to make this goal happen. Look over your goals each day to stay on track.

Most importantly, start living the life you think you will have when you are thin. Don’t wait to be the perfect size until you start living. Get out there and have some crazy fun!  Take risks, try new things, scare yourself, ask a guy out, whatever! Just live, Girl! When you start enjoying life again everything else will fall into place.

Almost all of my clients say that they don’t even think about the weight anymore. They come to me with such a specific goal but in the end they are too busy enjoying their life to worry about the scale!

Sorry out to live

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