How Any Man Can Get the Woman He Wants

By Sasha Fedorovsky

Once upon a time, before the days of Instagram and Tinder…When men wore loose jeans and knew how to approach women…

There existed a commonly known fact that any man has the ability to get the woman he wants if he persists long and hard enough. However, what was once common knowledge among men has been forgotten in our society and only remembered by a small few that use it to their advantage. Sadly the men under 30 and those that will come after them are at risk of loosing this secret forever. It is my duty to debunk this myth and expose the secret of how any man can get the woman he wants if he just persists hard enough.

Why am I exposing the secret? Well frankly, myself and many other women want to be hit on again like it was when we where 18 and I’m providing you blokes with the ammunition to do it, so listen up.



Part 1. Get a number

So you’re at the bar, the gym or whatever other establishment you frequent that women inhabit. The first key in getting that hot girls number is talking to her. Now remember, your goal is to get her number not to slip her yours or just look at her in hope that she will do your job for you. The first key in getting what you want is asking for it. So YOLO, man up or give yourself whatever words of courage you need and approach her.

You can take three methods on your approach (depending on the attributes you posses). If you’re the funny, clever type use entertaining conversation to casually win her over, if your sexy and you know it you won’t have to do all that much after you open your mouth just ask for her number like you mean it. If you fear that you are neither Fabio nor a smooth talker then just compliment her until she turns red. Don’t lie, just be genuine and tell her that when you saw her you just had to speak to her, how beautiful she is or how drawn you are to her. If you can make her feel special in those few minutes, why wouldn’t she want more of that feeling and happily surrender her digits?



Part 2. Get a Date

Now just because you have her number it doesn’t mean you automatically get a date or you may have skipped past part 1 because your target could be a lady you already know. Getting a date is key in your strategy of winning her over. This is where you sell her all the ‘benefits’ of you (getting her number was more about telling her how amazing she is).

Don’t wait 3 days to contact her that’s old and everybody knows that ‘rule’, but it yields no results. You asked for her number so one would hope you will make good use of it. The three-day rule is also very faulty particularly if it falls over a weekend because it allows her too much time to meet somebody she prefers over you. So act swiftly pick up the phone and dial her number and make a date. I recommend a quick call over texting, I know this will be very difficult for many of you as the fear of rejection is high, but although phone conversation may feel high risk it yields the greatest results.

When you call have a plan; know when, know how, know where. Be confident direct and make her an offer she can’t refuse (once again you can gage this based on of far you’re punching above your weight). Try to make more effort then less, if you have something going for you use it i.e. a yacht. Do dinner over a drink or something creative where she will associate a good experience with you. On the date don’t forget to ask questions about her, rather then trying to impress her by talking about yourself too much. Men love talking about themselves, she will find it refreshing to talk about herself and instantly feel comfortable around you. Oh and make sure you listen, because your recall of certain information will impress her in the future.

Don’t try and kiss her on the first date. Do text her when she goes home – remember the 3-day rule ain’t gonna do you no favors!



Part 3. Get Some Sugar

Taking a girl out on a date is all good and well but eventually you will need to get physical or forever be in the friend zone. The way you go about getting physical is very important and can mean the difference between the awkward moment where she runs for dear life, or the moment you win her over. If it feels right go for it and kiss her, but whatever you do don’t ‘surprise’ her with some unexpected tongue hoping she won’t notice. You do need a cue from her but never ask her verbally if you can kiss her, do the work and make her want it.

I’m not going to detail how you make her want it but I will tell you that women are less visual then men and can find themselves incredibly attracted to someone they initially wouldn’t have looked at twice. You don’t have the power to change her eyesight but you do have the power to make her feel incredible around you. Tip: it never hurts if you know what you’re doing in the bedroom, so do some research…



Part 4. Get The Girl

You’ve worked your magic and managed to get her number, date her and reach above and beyond the friend zone. No one expected you to get this far but you did it, don’t pat yourself on the back yet, she’s not your girlfriend. Most women like the idea of a relationship and are inclined in that direction by this point of the courting period, however there are some who are a little tougher to win over. These women may have way too many other options, a pre-conceived notion of what their partner should be like (which you don’t fit) or they’re just not sure about you –yet.

The key to make her yours is assuming she wants to be with you and being persistent. Don’t let her walk all over you, be firm and remember it is your role as the man to win her over – us ladies just don’t have that luxury when it comes to men, we can only be re-active in ‘winning’ him over but you can be pro-active in getting what you want.

Like anything in life, confidence and persistence is king.

Happy Hunting!


Love S. xox


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