Inspiration or is it more like Couchspiration?

By Victoria Latu

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I have always said that people are addicted to looking at gorgeous images, be it pics of healthy bodies, fashion looks and even the travel and lifestyle options on different well curated instagram accounts not because they plan to do anything towards acquiring those things but because looking at those images subconsciously makes you feel like you are doing something towards achieving those goals (think of it- like you are permanently building a vision board). You can watch me wax lyrical on this issue here.

Base Body Babes and research done by Medibank echoes my sentiment exactly! Being hooked on images of active living, brightly coloured sports gear and organic smoothies, the latest Aussie health and fitness trend indicates there’s one key thing missing, with a significant proportion struggling to fit in exercise and healthy eating to their busy lives. This has resulted in a worrying new trend coined #couchspiration.

Victoria Latu, Base Body Babes BBB 2 Victoria Latu, Base Body Babes,

The research, conducted by Medibank, shows over half of Australians regularly view health and fitness posts on social media, with 1 in 5 relying on #fitspiration images every day and just under half saying they are inspired to be more healthy by this digital diet.

However, over three quarters (77%) aren’t regularly exercising enough to break into a sweat. So, Medibank and the Base Body Babes are working together to put a stop to #couchspiration by encouraging Aussies to take the first step to better health.

Fitness experts Base Body Babes, also known as Felicia Oreb and Diana Johnson, are part of the online movement trying to get Aussies healthier both via exercise and eating well. Commenting, Base Body Babes say: “We know it can be hard to get off the couch in the winter months and start exercising but we are here to help Australians get motivated. Through our Instagram and blog we’ve found social media is an awesome way to inspire as many people as possible to lead a healthier life but we encourage everyone to commit to actually taking action rather than just scrolling through the pictures!

To try to overcome these barriers, Medibank developed the GymBetter program; a way for anyone to fit a gym session into their lives instantly…anywhere or anytime; it’s the only program of its kind in Australia. GymBetter allows Medibank members to use over 600 gyms around the country for just $8.50 (non-members $11.95) per visit with no contracts so it can fit in with your lifestyle and budget. Let’s hope this gets us into gear! and oh, for more on the awesome Base Body Babes click here

Lets go people! no more #couchspiration !