By Sarrah Bek

Marriage – noun
a legally, religiously, or socially sanctioned union of persons who commit to one another, forming a familial and economic bond: Anthropologists say that some type of marriage has been found in every society, past and present.


We spend the most part of our younger years dreaming up the perfect fairytale wedding based on the bedtime stories our parents would read to us at night. We would dream that prince charming would ride in on his beautiful horse and save us from the wicked witch followed by a dream like wedding in his castle the very next day…. Somebody should sue the authors of those bedtime stories.


Number 1: No man will ever ride up to you saddled on a beautiful horse, he will probably be saddled on a bar stool with a fag in one hand and a bourbon in the other surrounded by his group of drunken sweaty mates.Number 2: There is no wicked witch…. Well until the wedding plans go underway and Number 3: No man will marry you within 3 days. He will however court you for an expected 3 years before seeking his friends approval to ‘pop’ the question. He will then ask you to marry him while you’re seated in the back seat of his little brothers car which in fact has been parked out the front of his house as his brother needed to use the restroom.


Not all marriages begin like mine, my girlfriend Melanie came over the other night sporting a huge diamond engagement ring. She said that her fiancé secretly flew her and her two friends to Melbourne for the weekend under the guise that her friends had won the weekend long trip along with a dinner at a local restaurant. As Melanie and her friends were heading to the restaurant via the private boat provided there was Michael down on one knee holding out her huge engagement ring.


Danielle married her on again off again high school sweetheart after he told her in a night club they would get married even having the DJ congratulate them on their engagement. Danielle and her husband have been married for 14 years having always found common ground in their relationship. Kendra a 15 year old student says she looks forward to finding love and marrying one day but thinks young girls now days take marriage way too lightly.

I guess everyone has their opinion, story, words of wisdom or warning on the whole white dress and the ‘death do us part’ shindig… What’s yours?