Men Who Post ‘Selfies’

By Sasha Fedorovsky

If you were born in the 90’s your facebook feed is probably full of dudes taking ‘selfies’, it’s likely that you see nothing wrong with that and enjoy a perve every now and then, or if you are a guy compare muscle definition (or something like that). If you were born in the 80’s or earlier men taking selfies is probably something that initially confused you and left you feeling a little bit uncomfortable and still does today and so it should- because its f***n weird!


I will admit that a topless male selfie is the first thing I will click on my feed, I may even enjoy its asthetics but it always makes me feel slightly creepy, almost like I’m hiding behind the shower curtain while they take the shot. Something deep inside my soul tells me that this isn’t right, it could be because of the ‘models’ facial expression (generally blank with a hint of bedroom eyes) or because I can see his toilet in the background and have learned his favorite brand of deodorant.

This leaves me feeling uncomfortable – for me, for him and for the direction of our society is headed.


Girls taking selfies can leave me feeling a bit uncomfortable too, but generally I find it more expectable because for decades society has placed a huge importance on a woman’s physical appearance. Men are generally more visual in their attraction and have been known to do some crazy things in response to female beauty. In this sense, at least I understand a females underlining motives for posting a hot selfie and the conscious or subconscious gains she is hoping to attain.

The wide spread popularity of a guy taking a topless photo in his bathroom or a close up shot of his face at the perfect angle has more significance then we realize. Men are placing more importance on their looks then ever before, this new breed of man is not your average metro-sexual who knows the value of moisturiser. This new breed waxes, plucks, exfoliates, loves to shop and takes longer in the bathroom than you.

What does it mean for the ladies? Are we expected to offer you a drink, pay for dinner and complement your eyes? Does this mean that the girls can now feel free to let go of themselves, put more focus on making the big bucks and be guaranteed to find themselves a hot young ‘man bag’ down the line?


Some may say its not such a bad thing, women have been striving for equality – but I can tell you this particular role reversal is not on my feminist wish list (I’m not alone it freaks out most of the women I know too!) Personally I have never found anything arousing about a man with waxed/shaved legs and an extreme fashion sense… all that generally finds me questioning a guy’s intention to be my BF or my new BFF. I think the sexiest quality about a man is his confidence,  intelligence and an ability to make me laugh…someone who is strong and comfortable with who he is ( taking selfies for appearance approval and accumulation of likes isn’t congruent with a confident person)… sue me!

Try as I may I just can’t see all the desired male qualities going hand in hand with a dude that is a master in the art of selfies – well possibly the part that makes me laugh, coz you know those pics make you giggle! :P


So remember kids, just because it worked for Kim – don’t mean it will work for him!

Have you had any awkward selfie experiences, what are your thoughts?

S. xoxox

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