A Key Ingredient to Happiness Over a Lifetime

By Sasha Fedorovsky

Well that was a bold heading, but I’m pretty sure this is a non-negotiable as an ingredient for a happy life: having your own ‘thing’. What I mean by this is having an interest -other then men! Something you can go to and immerse¬†yourself in, something that brings you joy and something that always makes you feel better than before you started doing it.

Having a passion is key to a happy life, without any interests you are boring and when you are boring you are bored. There is almost nothing worse to me then feeling bored. People who stay bored for too long are lazy, they take for granted the short stay they have in this life. If you are one of these boring individuals who believes they have no special talents or interests you need to get off your beige coach and make it your mission to actively search out your interest with the goal of discovering your passion!


Your passion drives your energy and the direction of your life. Your passion can NOT be a person – because that is taking the lazy way out and it also puts too much pressure on your partner or child who you are so ‘passionate’ about (but really just living vicariously through). Putting all this energy into one human being will leave you disappointed and resentful. Having your own “thing” is so important throughout your life, it will drive you through your youth, keep you company when no one is calling and entertain and inspire you during the routines of married life, not to mention the nappy changing of motherhood. Your passion is Botox for the soul and will keep you young, by having something constant in life that you love will make life worth living when your old and decrepit – yes I believe it will make you live longer.

In Australia no one should be spending 80 per cent of their life doing something they hate – most people refer to this as their job. It is absolutely cray cray that in the luckiest country people hate what they do, you should really aim for at least ‘liking’ it. If you don’t like what you do 5 days a week, even more reason to be seeking out your passion, it may just be the yellow brick road out of your corporate hell.


If the above isn’t enough to motivate you to start searching your little heart out, then I leave you with one last reason…

Fact: Women with interests are more interesting, passion is tres exciting and having your own thing makes you less needy because you don’t constantly need to be entertained by your partner (just because you are bored for 2 minutes). Having an interest also enhances how intelligent you appear, so in the very least being interested in something you will allow you some aura of expertise/ interest and this my darlings can will counterbalance even the blondest of bimbos.

Remember being boring and dumb is never sexy (no matter the propaganda of countless series like “real house wives” or “The Bachelor”) … So go hunt that passion baby!

S. xox

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