Dreams – Nightly Treasures That Enrich Our Lives

By The Dream Alchemist

While you were safely tucked between your sheets last night, did you dream?

The average person dreams 5-9 times every night and within those dreams are carried valuable information that would help us in our daily lives if only we knew how to decipher them. Dreams seem to come to us encrypted in some strange language that at first glance can seem outright bizarre. But like any foreign language, it becomes easier to understand once we become familiar with it. This foreign language is often referred to as the Language of Light, the same language used by both our subconscious mind and our soul. It is only our conscious mind that struggles to make sense of it. Once mastered though, we gain incredible insight into the way our subconscious operates and we begin to build a bridge of understanding between us and our soul; that being, the more aware, expanded and enlightened version of ourselves.


Imagine having a problem that you are struggling to solve and waking up with a clear solution after having dreamed it! Or imagine being shown the cause of a health issue that’s been plaguing you for a while. Dreams can help us with any aspect of our waking lives including our health, work, business, finances and relationships.

The work of many of our greatest inventors found success due to information they received in dreams. Einstein’s theory of relativity was the result of a series of dreams and Vincent Van Gough admitted “I dreamed my paintings and then painted my dreams”. Dreams can not only provide inspiration for inventions or art they can show us precise information that keeps us safe from harm and ensures our physical survival. In his book Dreaming True, Robert Moss documents the dreams of Harriet Tubman, a black slave who was shown in dreams not only how to escape her own violent master but how to travel to the north undetected numerous times, allowing her to free many other slaves as well. Our history is punctuated with examples of amazing outcomes credited to the nightly visions of a dreamer.

Aside from the astounding results we can achieve, perhaps the greatest benefit of working with our dreams is how well we begin to know ourselves. Our dreams can take us along the ultimate path of personal and spiritual development and ever change us into a master if we decide to embark upon the journey.

I hear you saying that this is all well and good but what if you are someone who doesn’t dream or doesn’t recall any of their dreams other than a vague memory of having dreamt something.


Let me say that everyone dreams. It is the one thing that we as humans all have in common even though we are incredibly diverse and individual. Dreaming and remembering are like muscles; the more they are used, the stronger they become. When I meet people for the first time and tell them that I work with dreams I usually receive one of two responses; “Wow, how fascinating, tell me more” or “I don’t dream”. I used to respond to the later by telling them how easy it was to remember dreams until I really began gauging responses and body language to finally realise that not everyone wanted to remember their dreams. These were the people who did not want to upset the status quo of their lives or venture outside the comfort zone they’d constructed around themselves. The problem is, the magic in life happens outside our comfort zone. There comes a time when we just need to step out and begin an internal adventure proportional to that undertaken by Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit. If we always play it safe how will we ever know what we are capable of or what strength of character lies within us? Following the guidance that comes to us in dreams takes some measure of courage but it does start off with small things to allow us to grow into our courage in increments.

So what do you think? Do you have the courage to want to remember your dreams and discover who you really are and what you are really here to do?



About The Dream Alchemist - Julie-Anne Michael has been recording and working with her own dreams since 2001 and is now sharing all she has harnessed to help others with their dreamwork. Julie-Anne's training in coaching, counselling, soul psychology and healing provide a solid foundation for her work. Client's dreams are utilised to form the main platform for all coaching and counselling and through this work Julie-Anne maintains the focus of not only helping the client know themselves but also on connecting them with their soul.