Your Best Asset Aint’ Your House or Your Booty Baby

By Sasha Fedorovsky


Your best asset and your most attractive feature does not rise and fall at the whim of the real estate market, nor to that of gravity. It is exclusive to none and everyone is capable of cultivating it. Your greatest asset and most attractive feature is your confidence.

Your self-confidence dictates your direction in life, from how much money you got in the bank to how many names you have in that little black book. Your success and happiness directly correlates to your level of self-confidence. ┬áThis being the case, it is crazy to neglect enhancing your most hottest asset, to the extent that it should even take priority over your workout or beauty treatment.Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder – but rather ‘perceived value’. Confidence increases the perceived value that a person is physically attractive and the lack of it can dull the prettiest face. Overall confidence (the sober kind) is rare, thus making the person who has it even more unique and attractive. People naturally gravitate towards someone possessing confidence because they want a piece of it (friends), they want to buy or invest in it (clients/employers) and there is never a shortage wanting to bed/date/marry (love interests).


The truth is no matter how hot your ass is, there will always be someone with firmer buns and no matter how good your idea or qualification is there is probably someone just as good.

Any great vision you have of yourself in the future will require a strong dose of overall confidence, this is your competitive advantage in life. Invest your time, energy and even your dollars, make it your priority to seek it out, hunt it down and make it yours.

One word of warning: do not be fooled into buying the cheap and nasty alternative parading itself as confidence. This low grade variation is known as ego or arrogance, which is artificial and detrimental to your character!



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