Naked Singers Bottoms

By Cameron Cook

I’m Back!! And to celebrate, lets talk about bums. Our first naked bottom belongs to Justin Bieber! Yes the “man” with the terrible songs but great abs, can now add great butt to his resume! This photo has been “leaked”, probably by JB himself, and is from late 2012. It is Justin “singing” to his lovely Grandma. Reports suggest she firstly laughed, then told him to go get dressed. (I would have done the same you know!) Now is it just me, or is the fact he is singing naked, except for the large guitar, for his Grandma, really disturbing? Aint no Nana got time for that! But thanks for the arse shot! Keep up that good work!

Niall Horan Butt Tatt

No, I don’t have a bum obsession. Why do you ask? But now here is our next singers butt. This time it’s One Directioner Niall Horan doing the exposing. This is far less disturbing that the Belieber butt situation. Niall, the only non-tattooed One Direction member, was on British TV and decided to have some fun. (Thank you Niall!) He had a fake tattoo of the shows host, James Corden, on his bum. He then proceeded to flash it, to the delight of all. Thankfully it was Niall doing this. He’s still the nice Direction. Very nice. Ok. Now let us move on from butts, for now.  :-)

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