‘Oppressed Majority’ – If Men Lived In A Woman’s World

By Sasha Fedorovsky

‘Oppressed Majority’ – the title alone of this French film by Eleonore Pourriat sends a very powerful message and needs to be watched by EVERYONE!

It takes a few minutes into the short film to grasp your head around the concept of men being the ‘weaker’ sex. The film changes nothing but the role reversal of the genders, which makes some of the scenes extremely uncomfortable and very confronting. Sadly the same scenes with a woman as the protagonist would make very few people flinch.

The reason we feel discomfort watching this movie is because it highlights all too powerfully a women’s limitations, even in a modern society. It makes you realize that it is purely a women’s physicality that makes her a victim, which sits right next to racism on the backward chart.

I hope that upon watching this film, men will think twice about the way they act towards women, but more so I think it is important for woman to stand up for themselves and voice situation in which they feel compromised, rather then just accepting them as a part of life… From a male boss that looks his female intern up and down inappropriately, to the boyfriend who grabs his girlfriends just a little bit too hard. These things may seem small but they contribute to a bigger picture that is hindering women and our society as a whole from progressing.


Please watch and share!

Love S. xox

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