The Crazy Effect

By Keira Wallace

If my experiences have taught me anything it is that the most unattractive quality in a woman is craziness.  Yet, why is it that so many men seem perpetually drawn to women who possess a level of cuckoo bananas battiness? I’m not talking about the controlling girlfriend who sets a time cap on Xbox or the cyber stalker who researches every girl a guy’s poked in the past (on Facebook that is), I’m referring to that special breed of crazy that would rival current day Miley Cyrus / Britney circa 2007.  Ok, so maybe I’m making some rather sweeping generalisations here, but lately, the number one complaint I’m receiving from most of my man friends is that the women they’re dating / chasing are just plain nuts.

I once relayed a story to a male friend about how a certain dancer at work had completely lost it one night.  I recalled her sitting in the dressing room corner where she expressly stated that she would only return to the stage if she could perform a certain…job… for our manager.  After attempting to ignore her statement and coercing her out of the dressing room corner, she stopped, stood in front of a bowl of fruit and maintained that the apples were taunting her by calling her fat.  Back into the corner she went. My friend’s reply? ‘That’s kind of hot’.

Another friend of mine was once lamenting to me about how he was desperately trying to end things with his girlfriend but just couldn’t find a way.  He explained to me that his plan was to wait until she did something so psychotic that his only recourse would be that of a speedy separation.  I asked him what kind of event would constitute the label of being truly psycho.  Previously she had already walked out on him when he didn’t arrange his Sims to her liking, gave him ten days to decide if he was willing to have children and explained that by not having a joint Facebook account, he was being unfaithful.  Yet none of these things were quite the right amount of crazy for him to end it.

As I began to think about my friends and the women in their lives, I started to wonder if crazy women could almost be considered an addiction.  You know the relationship is unhealthy, it consumes time and (sometimes) money and at the end of the day leaves you looking and feeling pretty haggard.  I suppose deep down I’ll never really know.  Recently someone said to me, ‘if you really want to know, go ride around naked on a wrecking ball and see what happens’.  I think I’ll just leave that to Miley.

About Keira Wallace - Working as a controller in a gentleman’s club for over five years, Keira observes many of the issues that young women face today. Currently, Keira is studying a bachelor of Journalism / Laws.