Self Love: Priceless

By Victoria Latu

“Its not what people do to us that hurts us… its OUR chosen response to WHAT they do that hurts us”

If you think about it, really think about it you’ll see the real power of that statement. It means that from now on NO one and NO-thing, can hurt you unless YOU allow it to.

I know that sometimes some shit happens to us that we literally do not see coming (insert what ever it is for you in here) But here’s the thing, if you have been seriously screwed over … there is no reason for you to keep getting screwed over, its best to nip that sucker! I do not care “how much you love the douche bag” HE/SHE obviously doesn’t feel the same, and turning yourself in to the worlds biggest doormat will not be the thing to change that. Fact.

But this is what will

1. Learn your lesson- Do yourself a favor and don’t let the same thing happen twice. In other words, just because you can take a punch does not mean you should stand in front of a fist.

2. Understand and accept that you played a role or part in the situation BUT that it’s a part/role that you will NOT be reprising

3. Be kind to yourself choose a RESPONSE to the situation that will be in YOUR own best interest in the long run. (I can’t tell you what it that is… you are the only one truly capable of knowing what it is for yourself)

4. Let. It. Go. I know this is easier said than done, but to learn the art of letting stuff go is quite miraculous. Because holding onto resentment, regrets and the shouldawouldacouldas is like drinking poison and expecting what ever/ who ever it is that you holding on to die. I don’t need to tell you that makes no sense.

One last thing… remember, the ONLY constant in life is change. That is the only sure thing. Good or bad, EVERYTHING passes, changes and evolves. So cherish the good… savor it, and the bad… unclench your fist and let that
sucker pass you by.