Sexist shit women put up with everyday ( that you probably think is normal- till you read this)

By Sasha Fedorovsky

1. Mr. VS Ms. Miss. and Mrs. – what’s the deal?

Something dawned on me when I met a cute guy through work and I hoped to find some clues on his martital status via some documents. Yes, I know it’s not professional, but it lead me to the distasteful realization that only women have marital classification, not men. I’m sure the idea of using Miss and Mrs. when a women gets married is a fantastic idea thought up long, long ago by a man who wanted to make it extremely evident if a women was married or not (without the need to ask), however he conveniently left out the same rule for men. You have to question the value of these title variations for men and women. It may seem like a simple formality with no real inequality, but when you think about it, the fact that it’s part of a persons’ title and identity is actually a big deal. It is really quite infuriating that this old fashion crap is still around and as a society we really need to question its relevance.

It may seem insignificant because it’s something we’re used to, but it really makes a statement that a man is a man, irrelevant of his relationship status, and  a woman is classified in stages of her life and is essentially judged on her title…Think about it why do we give doctors a different title? Titles are created to differentiate people and give them an adequate level of respect. We associate “Mr.” with a man, ‘Mrs.” with a married woman, ‘Miss’ with a young woman or a girl and ‘Ms.’ with a crazy cat lady! Seriously lets get rid of this outdated rubbish or at least even out the equation and create the same formalities for the gents!




2. Why is it rude to ask a woman her age?

This is something that I always questioned the value of, but not until my recent birthday when I turned 28 did I begin to experience the transition of being openly asked how old I was, to people very cautiously pussy footing around the question or not even asking it at all! Seriously people why is it rude to ask a women her age if it’s not rude to ask a man? It’s likely because of the sexist notion that women have an expiry date and men don’t.

We can’t ignore that society values women for their youth and beauty and doesn’t quite equate them to becoming better with age like a fine wine. We have a superficial view of beauty and what is attractive, rather then seeing a woman (ourselves included) as confident, sexy and interesting. We’re conditioned to see life through Instagram filters that promote the need for never ending diets, botox and the dreaded fear of loosing our value as we age. Yes, men don’t like aging either, but they don’t get uncomfortable when someone ask them how old they are or find the need to lie about it (unless they are creepily trying to hook up with much younger chicks).

Age is just a number and it shouldn’t define us or make us feel less valuable, if we are comfortable in who we are and stop buying into all the bullshit (that is there to make us buy things we don’t need) then there is no reason that asking a woman’s age should be considered rude, on the contrary NOT asking should be considered rude! The fact is we’re all going to get old (if we’re lucky) so what’s the difference, most of us are in a much better frame of mind now then when we were younger and some of us even look better (if I do say so myself). The upside of this issue is that we women can actually make this ‘age judgment’ issue go away, all we have to do is be proud of our age. If you are curious ask other women without any shame how old they are and leave out any judgment even if it’s how great they look – ‘for your age’.




3. Top decision makers – it’s a boys club.

If you disagree that top decision makers in our country are not part of a ‘boys club’ let me remind you who our prime minister is – Tony Abbott. The dude who gave a pervy wink to his mate, while talking to a granny who worked as a phone sex worker (due to her financial situation). He may seem like a fool, but we are the fools who accept his behavior. The fact that Abbott felt comfortable enough to do a creepy wink (the moment he heard the word sex) in an interview room full of media is just a clue of what is acceptable in the boys club called “government.” He already has a reputation as a chauvinist and he gives zero f**** because the boys club around him share the same values. If you were to meet our Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Abbott in real life he is likely to stare straight at your boobs, without processing a word you and he will probably think he was giving you a compliment.

Politics aside, I will give it to Julia Gillard for the crap she would have had to cop to get to where she did.

Not only does the boys club prevail in government, it also runs the Australian media, its something you may not notice unless it’s pointed out to you. The thing is once you see it becomes very hard to ignore, refer to ‘Why The F is Aussie TV Still So Sexist?’. To sum it up flick through all the channels on free to air TV, particularly the new digital ones as they are able to be more niche and you will start to see that they are all male focused. There is ‘7Mate’ (even the title is blokey), there is ‘11’ and ‘1’ which are all blokey shows with lots of sports, then you have ‘Gem’ & ‘GO’, which are mainly old repeats from the states and any new programming is for the boys, even ‘SBS2’ sadly aims all its programming at young men. Car shows, fishing shows, dude shows, blokes, blokes and blokes… Take some time to check it out for yourself (I promise you will be disappointed). Ladies, you will be shocked by the lack of interest the free to air networks have in serving you.

The fact is Australia has a more or less equal population of males to females and females are actually the bigger consumer demographic and often the buying decision maker in the household. So why are Australian networks so stupid as to miss a huge financial opportunity (networks live on advertising dollars) by not tailoring content to half the population? It seems crazy to believe, but the only conclusion is it’s a boys club. The crusty old male execs at the top who everybody reports to.

Of course women have great jobs in the media and the corporate world, but the decision makers at the top influence and dictate the situation. It’s no secret that Australian network television isn’t doing to well, just spend a week watching TV in the states, yes there are lots of differences but a big difference you will notice is loads of female oriented and specifically targeted content.

Personally, I find it sexist and insulting that in Australia, the lucky country and in 2014 these old fashioned views still prevail in social norms, government, media and business. The good news is that the crusty old men will retire soon and move to Bali and allow Aussie women more space to reign. We can blame the ‘boys club’ all we like but the fact is, it’s really up to us women to support each other in a similar way that men do. Successful people and communities support each other rather then try to bring each other down for fear of someone taking a little bit extra of the pie. There is enough room for everyone, other women don’t need to be competitors they can be collaborators.



What are your thoughts on this subject? Have you had any experiences with “the boys”  issue that other people may relate to? Or do you think this is just a bunch of crap? Please do share…



Love S. xox



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