Stop Competiting & Be MORE Successful

By Michelle Furtado

We all want to be successful. And why shouldn’t we? We work hard, we put our sweat, blood and tears into our careers. But should we strive for success at the expense of someone else’s? Are we ALL able to be successful, at the same time?

I’m sure you have experienced workplace environments where there has been a competitive atmosphere. Sometimes, competition can be extremely motivating and, with the right teams, create some amazing results. Unfortunately, most of the time, competition becomes toxic. It transforms former healthy working relationships into nasty office politics and immature behaviour. Where does this come from? Why does competition have this effect on former high functioning work teams?

When there is one goal or one reward, the concept of lack is immediately introduced. Instead of believing that everyone can be successful, a lack mentality spreads like a virus throughout the office environment. It is believed that there is only one position available, the boss can only praise one person and we can’t ALL get raises. These limiting beliefs and thoughts of lack create the unhealthy competition mentality. Thinking that only one of us can be successful certainly gets the claws out and sharpened!

The notion that only one of us can win is not only unsupportive but it is incredibly untrue. It’s time to bust that belief and create a new one. It’s time to step up as adults, become successful and support others. Here are the top 3 ways to change your toxic, unhealthy relationship with competition into an abundant, successful and supportive mindset:

  1. Everyone CAN have their cake and eat it too. We can ALL be successful. While it may look like we all want the same thing on the outside, when we look closer, we want different things. The jobs we want will be different, the team we want to work with will be different and the career path we want to take will be different. There is room for everyone’s dreams. There is enough for everyone. Having this belief will instantly melt any feeling of lack and replace it with an overwhelming feeling of abundance.
  2. The best way for others to be successful is if we pave the way. When we believe there is enough for everyone, we can go all out to achieve our dreams without tramping on others to get there. Our success then inspires others to do the same. As Ghandi said ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’. Be successful and others will also be successful.
  3. Celebrate other peoples’ success! When you can be genuinely happy for the success other people have achieved, you are in a success mindset. When you are sceptical and upset by other peoples’ success, you shut yourself out from being able to have success yourself. Be in the success mindset. Celebrate success where-ever and when-ever you can.

It’s time to start seeing success everywhere and encourage others to achieve their full potential. Transform your workplace from a toxic competitive culture into a supportive, successful, results –focused team.

I’d love to hear from you. In the comments section below, tell me if you have experienced this in your current job and how you can change the toxic environment.

Remember, there is enough success out there for everyone and we all deserve it!

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