The 3 Types of Men You Will Meet Over Summer

By Sasha Fedorovsky

Unlike the cold bitter months of winter, summer time is a great time to be single. It’s likely that you have shed those few extra kilos induced by warm comfort food – also known as binging to your hearts desire…as you figured no one would be seeing you in a bikini for a looong time! But finally, the time has come for your fine self to emerge from hibernation, because summer is your perfect mating season and the ideal time to filter through and find someone special or at least someone to keep you company for the upcoming winter hibernation period.

It’s as if the heavens have opened and killed the man drought that was plaguing your love life. Now the season has changed and you have a buffet of options, but which one to choose? Have no fear sexy mama, I’ve provided you with the top 3 male profiles (from our resourses at V&S HQ) that you are likely to encounter this summer – and highly recommend that you try at least one from the menu!




1. The International One

One of the key reasons you are statistically higher to meet more men in summer is because fresh men flock into the city from overseas, to work to travel and experience Australian ladies. It is very likely you will meet one of these foreign men who will charm you with their accent and fresh excitement of the city that you are so bored of.

Being with the international traveler makes you feel like you’re on holiday, allowing you to leave reality and immurse yourself in a foreign culture (minus the new country). The fact that neither of you can talk about the future and have any real expectations of one another makes the relationship all the more fast paced and exciting, as both parties are less cautious and more open. Sounds pretty good, huh? The international is definitely worth sampling and the breakup is usually one of mutual understanding with the intention of you visiting him in his homeland.


Best Case Scenario:

You fall deeply in love, move to his home country and he turns out to be a prince rather then I guy who permanently wears board shorts.

Worst Case Scenario:

He asks you to marry him after a few weeks…not in the ‘you are the love of my life’ kind of way, but more like ‘you are my visa’ kinda way. Beware, Australia really is the lucky country.




2. The Younger One

One day in your mid twenties you wakeup and realize that the men you are meeting are all younger then you, this initially makes you feel old and longing for the days of feeling like the ‘younger woman’. You swear to yourself that anyone who popped out of the womb even a minute later then you is a no-go-zone. However, as the months get warmer you will feel yourself slowly giving into the charms of ‘The Younger One’. The number one appeal of a younger guy is that they are a clean slate – not jaded by past heartbreak and is open and excited about life. After seeing the world through his eyes you even feel younger, as if you have scored yourself a few years off the clock Botox free. When you’re with him your ‘adult’ worries disappear, life is fun and carefree free.. ahhh.

The other advantage of being a few years older is that you are a few years wiser and can read him like a book giving you the security of control in the early stages of the relationship. The younger guy also gets an ‘A’ for enthusiasm, however sometimes skill and technique can leave you a little lacking – this covers all areas of the relationship!


Best Case Scenario:

You have a true connection (you aren’t just there for his cute face and banging body) plus you also have the patience to develop him into the man you know he will one day be. After several years of your patient training he matures and pops the question scoring you a hubby who is all naturaaal’ (meanwhile your friends have to slip Viagra into their husbands’ dinner).

Worst Case Scenario:

Younger guys have ‘young’ friends, seeing him in his natural habitat may force you take off your rose coloured glasses and realize that you are in very different stages of life! It’s unlikely that he will actually end it with you, as he will enjoy all the benefits that your ‘experience’ brings. If you don’t get bored of him after a few months eventually your relationship will enter the ‘serious’ zone, where he will realize that he is in above his head… Dropping words like mortgage, ring or baby will make him run home to mama faster then any task he previously performed!



3. The One Who Shows You the World

Once in a while you meet a man who is completely out of the ordinary, he’s the kind of man that 90’s movies are based around and you almost feel like a modern day Julia Roberts. This man is usually older or very worldly and always has a very large bank account. He is charming, confident and opens you up to a world of fancy things and fancy thinking that you will find very hard to resist.

No matter what form of feminism you follow, every woman wants to feel like a princess and be swept of her feet by a man who knows exactly how ( with no prompting necessary). The risk of heartbreak in this relationship is high but definitely worth the experience and knowledge, maybe even some gifts…But be warned your expectations of “courting” will be set very high after this one!


Best Case Scenario:

Your eligible bachelor not only shows you the world, but wants you to be a part of his world allowing you to get to know him long enough to realize he has a few flaws buried underneath his designer lifestyle. If you are ok with the fact that ‘compromise’ is a foreign term to him. The saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is not only applicable to someone old but in this case is it is refering to someone who is used to getting what they want! So if you are ok taking on some of the qualities of a ‘comfort girl’ (you know the ones in Thailand) then like Cinderella you may just live happily ever after!

Worst Case Scenario:

After a month passes your great tits can no longer sustain him and his need for an intelligent conversation, he trades you in for someone who can meet his intellectual needs (with great tits). However, if your relationship is deeper than his wallet, you will inevitably believe you have met the man of your dreams… only to discover that he is the man of every woman’s dreams and don’t he know it! Some bachelors are PERMANENT bachelors. End of story.


On that note, enjoy your summer of love and remember – no risk, no gain!

Love S. xox




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