The 7 Deadly Dating Myths for women

By Sasha Fedorovsky

1. “Never make the first move”

It’s perfectly ok to make the first move and approach a guy, even more than being ‘ok’, it’s quite often necessary for a woman to get out there and do the dirty work! You don’t need a pickup line and please (for the love of god) don’t complement his appearance or buy him a drink! Just slip him your number or be conveniently close enough to bump into him and work your way up from there. In saying this, it is fine to make the first move but don’t go making the second, third and fourth one! The point here is to just get it started.



2. “Sex is a prize”

Well you don’t need to be giving it out to everyone…but sex is no prize! When you decide the time is right then the time is right, there is no rule about how many times you need to see each other – it really won’t make any difference to the prospect of your future relationship together! The idea of sex being a prize that the man tries to ‘win’ is ridiculous, you might as well make him pay for it upfront or sell it to the highest bidder on Ebay!

When you do the deed, it should be about you just as much as it is about him…as long as you feel comfortable that’s all that matters. If you try and use your goodies to manipulate his commitment then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Some men can chase for a very long time, if sex is all he was after then his chase will end successfully once he gets it and you will have wasted a whole lot of time!


3. “Be yourself”

You don’t have to taking acting lessons but a little bit of restraint can go a looong way on the first date. He doesn’t need to know about your psycho ex boyfriends, how desperately you want to be married or any ‘quirky’ disorders that you may have. Save all this good stuff for later on down the line when you need to ‘spice up’ your relationship. When you don’t know someone from a bar of soap, try not to introduce him to your crazy straight away.




4. “Dress to kill”

No, don’t go killing anyone please. Most men fantasize about the girl next door not the Playmate of the year. Have some mercy on the poor bloke and don’t show too much cleavage or else you will be setting him a major challenge of not looking at your boobs all night – we all know men can’t multitask so most of his brain activity will be dedicated to this, rather than on what you’re saying. Don’t go splashing out on a new outfit, just try and keep it real (so he actually recognises you if he was to accidently bump into you at the shops).

5. “Refrain from asking about his dating resume”

Part of the reason you are on a date is to find out if the guy is actually dateable, so try and get an idea of his relationship history. You don’t have to interrogate him and ask for a case study on every ex-girlfriend (there’s plenty of time for that later if things go well), just get an idea of his general dating style. He could be in a relationship or a baby-daddy of 10 for all you know – so ask!


6. “It’s OK to pay”

Lets rephrase this: It’s ok to offer, but it’s not ok for the girl to pay on the first date. If he isn’t going to make an effort the first time then it ain’t going to happen later. If you’re left with the bill, pay it and cut your losses before you’re offering to pay his rent.




7. “Treat him mean, keep him keen”

They don’t make men like they used to. With a whole Tinder portfolio of eager (rejection free) prospects, men don’t respond to well to the ‘treat ‘em mean’ strategy well. It’s important to provide a chase in the early days of the game, but don’t make the game overly complicated and convoluted… Make sure you show just enough interest, because being subtle doesn’t go a long way when his Snap Chat is probably full of nudes (not the artistic kind). Literally say the words ‘I’m interested’ – it may not be romantic or even creative but it’s your best bet!



Hopefully thats busted a few dating myths for you… Do let me know if there are some more that need to be added to the list. Happy dating ladies!



P.S: Don’t you just love Rebel Wilson!!!


Love S. xox

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