The little MUGSHOT that could…

By Victoria Latu

If you are male and you are reading this then you are probably doing it out of severe curiosity because all the ladies in your life / office have gone momentary cray cray over the pic of Jeremy Meeks circulating social media.

Legend goes that this man (criminal, thug) was arrested in the early hours of the morning on a weapons possession charge but the female police officer that booked him was not able to keep this mug shot to herself and posted it on facebook… and god bless her for it!

What ensued could only be described as “ women round the world losing their sh*t”.

Honestly, some commentary on his mugshot actually made us laugh till we cried in the office.  Our favorites include…


“lets start a fund to bail him out?!”

and my personal favorite…

“he is not a rapist, so he has guns… IN AMERICA… big deal!” haha! Well said honey, well said!

The thing is  “Hollywood” already made a show and cast an eerily similar looking actor years prior… anyone remember a pretty popular show from a few years ago called PRISON BREAK?!

big pic gorgous

Yes … a mixed race actor (just like our handsome criminal) by the name of Wentworth Miller (black father, white mother) green piercing eyes, bronzed skin and full lips … Although Wentworth to the despair of the women world wide turned out to be batting for the other team in real life!

In summary, “You look and his picture and he makes you feel something”. S’s words not mine.

But here are my two cents… I think he is genetically gifted. Period. Some people just are. There are so many good looking people in the world … but there are some… that make you feel things on a visceral level – and make you feel them – acutely.

Also, I think the other side to his appeal is (on a subconscious level) is that we know what you are getting. That’s the thing with bad boys.  It is more honest than getting with someone pretending to be something they aren’t .You know he is bad… but you think to yourself… so what? Its your choice… your are in control, besides not everyone that plays with fire gets a third degree burn.


Love, V x