Victoria Latu chats with Joan Collins

By Victoria Latu

I get a few emails now and again from girls (well people in general) wanting to some insight into what we do on the show, wanting to be part of it or just inquiring on how best to get into “the industry”. So I just wanted to put some stuff out there to answer those questions and abate curiosity.

I don’t have any facts per say about getting into the industry, as I don’t know that I am “in the industry” but I can definitely wax lyrical about my experience so far and show some clips that could better explain the trajectory. The thing is I always knew what I wanted to do… always. And that was to talk and ask questions- I have an extremely curious personality. I am addicted to learning and knowing “stuff”… it’s my thing. I felt that being a journalist was the best option for me. The fact that most of my work tends to entertainment skewed… I suspect is a fluke or maybe it’s my subconscious trying to feed my severe pop culture addiction?

Over the next couple of weeks I will be putting up a few videos of stuff that I have done in the past (forgive the weird American accent I am sporting in a few of them… living in the States for almost four years started messing with my head)

So yeah… I worked as an “Entertainment Reporter” in Los Angeles for a while and got to meet and interview some very interesting people. I got invaluable experience both professionally and personally.

Here is a video of yours truly with Joan Collins * side note I will never forget what she said to me in the green room afterwards. And I quote… “You young reporters always complimenting me on my looks… Could you imagine if I complimented Katherine Hepburn on her looks?!” okaayyy… and there you have it. Not entirely sure what she meant by that statement, but till this day I try make appearance related questions secondary in any interview I do.

PS – Do you like the straight hair huh? I’m contemplating a change…. help

Love, V