Why beautiful women often finish last

By Sasha Fedorovsky

Our society has a love hate relationship with beauty, like any love hate relationship it is not a healthy one. We are obsessed with beauty; this can be seen in our advertising, fitness fads and the rise of Instagram. At the same time we have ‘tall poppy syndrome’, where compliments can’t simply be accepted with a thank you, and women can’t be sexy and serious in the media without creating ‘controversy’ refer to ‘Why The F Is Aussie TV Still So Sexist?’

With this contradictory view on beauty it is sad to see so many beautiful women finishing last from the boardroom to the bedroom. I am a firm believer in making the most of what your mama gave ya’  so here is my list of making the most of a beautiful face and avoiding a miserable life


1. How hot are you… Honest answer please?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and often we don’t perceives ourselves in the way that others see us, but it is important to try as best we can to understand how the world views us if we want to live in it successfully without too much confusion. Your own sense of self is also reflected in the way others see you, so if you think you are god’s gift to men then it’s likely you are. Unfortunately, most women don’t rate themselves high enough and have a completely warped perception of the reflection they see in the mirror every day (often several times a day). It’s important to realize just how attractive you are, once you do keep it to yourself because nobody likes and arrogant bitch :)

If you acknowledge that you are of above average in the area of looks put it away in a box as a fact and don’t let anybody use the way you look to build or break your self image. Always remember the way you look makes you no better or worse then anybody else. Just because you are the most beautiful girl in the room now, doesn’t mean another beauty won’t enter. Don’t let your emotional state be directed by the way you think you look on any given day, with makeup or without, winning a beauty competition, having men chase you or being completely dateless. Basically what I am trying to say is don’t let the way you look give you a complex!

If you are gorgeous there is no honor in denying it to yourself. Knowledge is power and if you know your power you will know how to use it instead of it backfiring on you. Situations where your gorgeous face can get you into trouble are:

  • Job interviews – people will doubt your intelligence and question if you will be hard work, rather then hard working.
  • Chatting to a taken man – watch your body language
  • Dealing with other women – if you are soft some will take pleasure in bringing you down, so know the reactions you can inspire in others and act accordingly.


2. Beauty is an asset but it’s not enough

Like other assets and skills it can be developed to an extent, but beauty is the only asset that declines with the passing of a significant amount of time. Beauty is also fickle as it doesn’t last and also changes with tastes and trends, so relying on good looks alone is never a smart option even if you are of supermodel genetics. How attractive you are in the eyes of another person can fade even quicker then time itself…At the end of the day you want someone to love you through thick and thin (literally). When it comes to love always remember Prince Charles and Camilla; if you see yourself as more of a Princess Dianna, don’t worry too much about supermodels, keep your eye out for the Camilla’s.

Make sure you have something else to bring to the table, because even if your beauty opens many doors it is up to the rest of you to keep that door open. Also, don’t be surprised or hurt if people judge you more highly or take greater offence to what you say. Know the power of you words and your body language, the world isn’t fair and there is always a price to pay, so instead of complaining and being sensitive about it use it to your advantage and pay attention to the way you come across to others.

Whatever you do don’t play it down, you are who you are and if you have been given a gift (like any other talent) you should develop it and make it work in your favor, don’t dull yourself down to appease the jealousy of a lover or anyone else for that matter. Just like anything else that is exclusive to fewer of the population such as money or success, jealousy is inevitable. Always focus on being a good person and not letting anything superficial get to your head to keep you balanced, or else you might get sucked into your own beauty and end up like narcosis…Nobody got time for drowning in a pond!


3. High expectations

Women who recognize that they are above average easy on the eye often realize that they have a variety of options when it comes to men and other opportunities in life. This is all well and good however at some point you need to choose and be confident that you have made the right choice. Many beauties have high expectations not only from others but that they set for themselves. High expectations are not necessarily a bad thing, but low expectations means that you are easily pleased and often happier with your situation in life. With such high expectations often comes being too picky, which is most commonly a struggle when it comes to love as a beauty may be looking for a little more then just a nice guy. Having so many options brings the disillusion that they will last forever. Beauties may attract a lot of admirers, however retention is often the difficult part, and that is where things can get tricky.


A gift should never be a problem and beauty can definitly be classed into the ‘first-world’ problem basket that many would happily take on. There’s no surprise that these set of ‘problems’ don’t apply to beautiful men…those issues will be dealt with in a whole separate article!


Till next time beauties!

Love S. xox

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