Why I like Younger Guys

By Keira Wallace

A friend once asked me what it was that I liked about dating younger guys.  To be honest, I’d never really thought about it.  As I began to mentally compartmentalise the pros and cons of younger men, I started to realise that there wasn’t much I could say that I actually liked.  Unless he’s a Kennedy, dating a younger guy doesn’t often come with a lot of perks.  The fact that I earn more meant that I paid for more, the fact that I’ve had real relationships before meant that my expectations were higher and the fact that I knew the difference between Woody Allen and Hoodie Allen meant that I felt slightly senior.


After dwelling on the state of my dating life for the better part of a day, I decided to get out of the city.  I had previously been invited to spend the night at a beautiful farmhouse by a friend and her boss and decided that it sounded like a good idea.  On arrival at the farm, our every whim was being catered too and I remember thinking, ‘wow, this is how you treat a lady! His wife is a lucky woman.’  Although his wife had stayed in the city to work, it never once crossed my mind that our much older host was anything short of a gentleman.


After several more martinis, our host had announced to my friend and I that he had run a bath for the three of us.  After stripping down to his boxer shorts and climbing in with yet another bottle of champagne, my friend awkwardly followed suit and climbed in.  Although I had politely declined to partake in bath time, my friend had given me one of those get-in-the-bath-now-or-I-will-murder-you-slowly looks.  I decided that I couldn’t leave a sister hanging and got in.  Although we were both as dressed as humanly possible, it did not stop this guy from unhooking my friend’s bra under the guise of giving her a ‘remedial’ massage.


At this point, I started to wonder if our host – who thirty minutes earlier was the epitome of debonair – was either; a: gay or b: a distant relative of Charles Manson.  My subtle not-going-to-sleep-with-you-slash-participate-in-a-threesome hints were definitely wasted on him as he continued his Ron Jeremy-esque seduction, (side note:  women do not find Careless Whisper sexy).  Fleeing the bathroom after seeing our host strip down, I began to reassess my views on younger guys.  I realised that my previous complex was probably a tad dramatic – because at the end of the day – I’ll take toasted sandwiches and MTV over roasted quail and bath time any day.

About Keira Wallace - Working as a controller in a gentleman’s club for over five years, Keira observes many of the issues that young women face today. Currently, Keira is studying a bachelor of Journalism / Laws.