Why Us Ladies Need To Think Like Men

By Sasha Fedorovsky

Before you get your knickers in a twist, I’m by no means suggesting you grow a penis and start using it instead of a brain! What ‘thinking like a man’ suggests is learning from men in the seemingly simple and black and white way they use their grey matter. Many of us ladies can’t tell between ‘truth’ and ‘emotion’, thus letting our emotions create our own warped version of reality.

The most common form of this behavior is when girlfriends get together to analyze an ‘unusual’ text message from your new man. Yes, we have all been guilty of this past time. But girl, it says what it says and that’s what it means no matter how many times you re-read it!


The main reason we over analyze a message or a situation is:

1. Because we are delusional and want to see something that is not there (to see what we want instead)

2. Because our anxiety creates a situation that isn’t there in the first place (we have a low self-image or expect the worst)

Over analyzing trivial shit has no purpose, it wastes precious brain space and does not physically DO anything. Just take the situation for what  it is, because 99 per cent of the time that’s what it is!


So many women go through life hindered by a heavy fog of emotion, which makes finding your way a hell of a lot more difficult! Some people are more sensitive and emotional then others and the answer is not cutting off from your feelings but instead introducing a voice of reason and logic that acts as the mediator between your emotions and the situation at hand.

Everyone’s version of ‘reality’ is different but if you can go through life with a clearer more logical version of the world life would be a whole lot smoother (and there would be way less Tim Tam and family sized Chocolate ice-cream sales) :P

Next time you start to feel your mind wonder into ‘over analyze mode’ and you begin to re-create a situation that could be a script from ‘Days of Our Lives’ take note and introduce a voice of reason and logic. Or better yet, think like a man – don’t think about the situation at all! It happened, it was what it was, so move onto bigger and better things.


Have a fabulous day!

xoxo S.

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