Why you should get a life audit – ASAP!

By Sasha Fedorovsky

Unless you are the reincarnation of Buddha, it is very likely that you need a life audit every now and then (probably now). Some of us do a form of life audit around our big birthday dates that make us feel old, the most common form of audit are our new years resolutions. Sometimes a life audit takes place when we have a mid-life crisis or more commonly a quarter life crisis (which has risen significantly in popularity). Making time for a good and proper life audit is the key to keeping all the areas of your life on track and preventing you from falling into spells of discontent and waking up one day to the dreaded thought of “who am I, and what have I done with my life?!”.

Think of a life audit as a serious and detailed assessment of your current life “situation” against the ‘ideal’ vision you have for your life. Now, I’m not encouraging that you become unsettled with your current state and focus on what is wrong as apposed to what is right. Instead, I am asking that you get conscious of the areas in your life that need to be changed rather then burring them deep into your subconscious and letting them fester… creating a  subtle discontent which may one day just overflow, blow up… and show up in all forms of crazy.

kesha_william_music_video_cr The life audit is a great way to create balance in your life, for example your big goal maybe to grow your business, however if you loose your health or important relationships along the way – well, all that effort may not be worth it. Another important reason to audit yourself every now and again is that in busy modern day life we can easily be caught up with ‘important’ distractions that keep us from taking time out and focusing on what is important to us.

A life audit also acts as a pause button for the ‘rat race’ and ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’. You may think you are doing something out of your own free will or because you want to or even have to, but if you take time out of your daily routine you may realise you are just doing it because it is what ‘everyone’ does or just because…which means because you haven’t thought about it! Going through life in thoughtless monotony makes you a zombie and nobody wants to be one of those.




So how does one do a life audit…?

1. Take the time to sit down and write it out (think of yourself as a very serious accountant type who must make a very objective, unforgiving assessment).


2. List all of the areas of your life: Relationships, Money, Love, Health, Happiness, Finance and so on. Breaking things up is always easier and less overwhelming.


3. Give each area a score out of 10 and write down WHY. Remember you are a soulless auditor don’t sugar coat the shit be honest!


4. Next to this score, take the time to imagine your ideal situation for this area of your life and write it down descriptively.

Note: This is actually quite difficult -not because you lack imagination but because describing your desired situation makes you realise that you may need to make some changes and changes require effort.


5. Create a PLAN for moving yourself from your current situation to your desired situation. Make the plan specific, i.e.; if you want to loose weight create a daily routine for exercise and healthy meal planning. The map may change along the way but without it you are going nowhere or worse the wrong direction!


6. Make a public promise. Tell somebody your goal you know will care enough or that is annoying enough to follow you up and give you hell if you don’t take action to make your goal a reality.


7. Make up a consequence for yourself. If you are not exactly the most motivated person and a bit of a procrastinator you are likely to need a consequence to stick with your action plan. Create a punishment or a reward for yourself to stick to your plan (punishments usually work best). Tip: paying someone money each time you complain, don’t go to the gym etc. can make you realise how much discipline you actually have!


Be Nike about it and JUST DO IT!


Love S. xox

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